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MJF Takes Shot at Writer For Comparing ‘Devil Worshipper’ T-Shirt To Swastikas

September 27, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
MJF Image Credit: AEW

A writer and self-described conservative Christian took issue with MJF’s new “I’m a Devil Worshipper” T-Shirt, and he prompted some return fire from MJF after comparing it to a swastika shirt. Carmine Sabia, who lists himself as a “Christian conservative, Writer, Editor, Pundit” on his Twitter bio, posted to retweet MJF’s post promoting the new T-shirt and called it offensive to Christians. He wrote:

“AEW and @TonyKhan really love to offend Christians. I wonder if someone facing MJF wore a swastika on a shirt if that would be fine. Or a shirt mocking Muhammad directed at Tony. I expect AEW fans not to care because they are obsessed with pretending to be ECW.”

A second post referencing “swastika shirts” caught the attention of MJF, who posted:

“Do it. Wear it to the next show.”

Sabine, who went back and forth with wrestling fans about the topic, eventually posted, “When you play the heel and then mark wrestling fans get on you because ‘you do not know what a heel is.'” MJF then retweeted it and wrote:

“Oh shit I’m sorry mr insider terms. I had no idea you were a wrestler! That’s awesome dude.

Swing by create a pro anytime I’ll give you a one one one training session on the house.”

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