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MJF On What Hooked Him On Wrestling, Thinking He Could Beat Undertaker At Five

December 6, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

MJF has had confidence in his future wrestling stardom since he was a kid, and he discussed how that got him hooked into wrestling in a new interview. The AEW star appeared on Schwartz On Sports and you can check out some highlights below, per Fightful:

On getting hooked on wrestling as a kid: “I just grew up loving it. What occurred was, I was at a house party at my Uncle Allen’s and he had wrestling playing on the TV. I believe it was a Friday night, maybe SmackDown, and I was enamored by it, but I didn’t really get to sit down and watch a match in full because, at the time, I was so young and I was gum smacked by how larger than life these individuals were.

“I went home and immediately told my dad to take me to Hollywood Videos, which does not exist anymore, thanks Netflix. I found a wrestling DVD and in front of it was this guy that looked like a Zombie. I didn’t know at the time that it was The Undertaker. I flipped the disc and it said Hell in a Cell, Undertaker vs. Mankind. The first match I watched in full was Undertaker vs. Mankind and I thought to myself, first of all, there is no way I would have let the schmuck throw me off the top of the cage. Immediately, at five years old, I’m going, ‘I could beat this guy’ and that’s when I knew. Quite frankly, I’m probably right.”

On being in Long Island this week for AEW Dynamite: “The beautiful thing is, what makes this all full circle, where is Mick Foley from? [Long Island]. Mrs. Friedman’s baby boy is coming back home. Although I hate that woman, she’s disgusting. Still, I’m coming back home, no thanks to my gross mother, but I am coming back home.”

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