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Sean Waltman Reveals Why He Wasn’t At Curtain Call, Talks CM Punk in AEW, More

May 25, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
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411 is LIVE at the Monday Night Wars with Sean Waltman panel at Starrcast II in Las Vegas and will be covering the event which begins soon.

Former WCW announcer Mark Madden is out to introduce and moderate the Sean Waltman Monday Night Wars Panel at STARRCAST. Madden says AEW Double Or Nothing is “the last stand for wrestling.”

Sean Waltman is here with his dog Lulu.

Waltman talks about why he was fired by WCW. He says he had a neck injury and was trying to get a raise. He didn’t want to get “into the weeds over it” but Eric Bischoff was angry with him. It sounded like he tried to get a raise and it didn’t work.

Waltman adds they all liked to wave their “p**** flags.” He says Bischoff fired him to punish the other Kliq guys from the way he described it. Says he got fired over FedEx. Initially he was angry, but he got excited because the thought of returning to WWE was appealing to him. The timing worked out for him after WCW fired him. He says in defense of Eric Bischoff that while he was angry, how else should he have fired him? It wouldn’t make sense to get fired in person.

Waltman gets into his epic promo when he returned to WWE and joined DX and verbally killed WCW. He says he talked to Kevin Nash over the phone about saying WCW was holding Nash and Scott Hall hostage.

Waltman talks about a lawsuit by WCW over his held hostage comments and getting a legal deposition over it. He told the lawyers that the hostage line was one he got after talking to Kevin Nash over the phone.

Also says a lawyer asked him, “What do you actually mean by suck it?” He replied, “What do you think it means?” OK, that was pretty funny.

Waltman says wrestlers following ratings was a thing backstage at the height of the Monday Night Wars.

Waltman calls his big upset win over Scott Hall in WWE the most important moment of his career bar none. He also credits Wade Keller’s coverage of him in Global Wrestling Federation for helping him move up to WWE.

Waltman talks about AEW arriving to TNT. He says they have a lot of fresh minds and talent. He hopes it works. Waltman says he wouldn’t be shocked if CM Punk shows up in AEW at some point. He adds that when CM Punk said he’s leaving and never coming back to wrestling, there was no AEW at the time.

Waltman says without nWo there wouldn’t be a D-Generation X during the Monday Night Wars.

Waltman reveals he was in drug rehab when the MSG Curtain Call with the Kliq took place in WWE. That’s why he wasn’t there.

Waltman answering some fan questions now. He talks a bit about how WWE is oversaturated with titles. He says NXT does a good job with its championships.

Waltman says when he was on the road with WWE, Vancouver was the best place for marijuana. He also says they had a guy named Freddie in LA for weed.

For his favorite backstage memory, Waltman claims Mark Madden once hooked him up with Jenna Jameson.

Waltman recalls the Four Horsemen skit. Waltman says the main problem was that the Horsemen never got their payback.

Last question for Waltman is talking about his girlfriend’s work with rescue dogs.