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Montez Ford on Still Being Haunted by the WWE SummerSlam Loss to The Usos

December 8, 2022 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
WWE Summerslam Street Profits, Montez Ford Image Credit: WWE

– During this week’s edition of WWE’s The Bump, The Street Profits member Montez Ford discussed the team losing to The Usos in their rematch at WWE SummerSlam. Below are some highlights (via Fightful):

Montez Ford on their loss at SummerSlam: “I’m not gonna sit here in The Bump studio and act like everything’s fine and dandy. You know, we had a great return. [My] frog splash is still intact, athleticism is still intact, the passion is still there, but I can’t sit here and lie to you guys and say that SummerSlam doesn’t bother me. I can’t sit here and act like it doesn’t bother me that every single day that I wake up and look in the mirror, that I failed on that stage, that we failed on that stage. It’s something that bothers us to this day.”

On the focus during his injury rehab: “So when the injury happened and all of the rehabilitation, a whole different type of focus and mode was happening. I’m not just gonna improve in athleticism, I’m gonna improve everything. The way my mind is, the way I eat, the way I conduct, the energy, the people I keep around myself, everything’s gonna be intact. There’s not gonna be any mishaps because I feel like there’s not gonna be any more excuses once that time comes — and that time will come. But I can’t sit here and act like SummerSlam doesn’t bother us because it bothers us all the time, it really does. Granted, we go out there and we give the crowd exactly what they deserve, what they need, what they love. But, out of all of the things we’ve accomplished, we have not [won] the Undisputed Tag Team Championships and that is something that doesn’t sit well with me. I’m not trying to make this a dark segment at all, I’m just telling you how serious I am about the next few months, years, or however long it takes to get that, to obtain that gold with my tag team partner. It will happen, and I’ll tell you right here on The Bump Usos, if nobody else takes care of the job before we get there, we definitely will.”