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Moose on Former TNA Stars He Wants Impact Wrestling to Sign, Says He’s Not a Fan of Intergender Matches

June 25, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Moose Impact Rebellion

The Mirror recently interviewed Impact Wrestling star Moose, who discussed some former TNA stars that Impact should bring in, plus his thoughts on Tessa Blanchard. Below are some highlights.

Moose on classic TNA names he wants to see brought in: “There are definitely a couple of guys. I know Eric Young got released so he is highly sought after. EC3 is another TNA guy and a good friend of mine. Those two guys right now are definitely on the list of guys I hope we are able to bring in.”

His thoughts on a unification match with Tessa Blanchard: “I would think at some point we are gonna get to that storyline, that’s what I would think. Just from me being a fan, every time I see a double champion, there is always a match to unify both championships. I would think it’s where it would go, but I don’t really know, we will have to wait for time to tell.”

His thoughts on Tessa Blanchard: “I think she is a phenomenal wrestler, she is the total package. I feel that the match with Sami was something Impact management did to get buzz and it definitely did that. It did what they wanted it to do. They are also the only televised company at that time doing intergender matches. I think the intergender matches she has had, if it’s done right, can be magical. It all depends on how those people think what intergender matches can be. If they look at it as a man fighting a woman, then that has to be as realistic as possible. Am I a fan of intergender matches? No.”

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