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More Details On Plans For Brand Split And World Titles

June 2, 2016 | Posted by Joseph Lee

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via Wrestlezone) has more details on the upcoming brand split in WWE, as well as who will lead each brand. It should be noted that nothing is set in stone and the WWE’s plans are in constant flux.

The current plan is for Roman Reigns to lead RAW while John Cena moves to Smackdown to lead that brand on Tuesday nights. Reigns would be the top babyface against top heel Seth Rollins (although the roles could change) while AJ Styles would be the top heel of Smackdown against Cena.

Smackdown is set to get a huge push once it goes live. The idea is that by making Cena exclusive to Smackdown, it will help to boost the show’s image as more than a secondary brand within the company. They also want to bring more people to the Tuesday show, as USA hasn’t been happy with the performance of both WWE shows this year.

A second world title is expected to be created for whichever brand the current champion dosen’t end up on. There’s still no news on what the WWE will do with the tag team or women’s divisions, along with the Intercontinental and United States titles.

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