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More On Attendance For WWE Events After Return of John Cena

July 30, 2021 | Posted by Joseph Lee
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It was noted last week that the return of John Cena had a noticeable impact on ticket sales, particularly on this year’s Summerslam in Las Vegas. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has more details on recent ticket sales for WWE and how Cena has helped the attendance of several shows.

Smackdown in Cleveland last week drew 10,2000 with nearly 9,000 paid. It had been doing well before, but Cena made a difference. The house show last Saturday in Pittsburgh drew 7,700, and had been on track to have about 1,200 to 1,500 less before Cena. The house show in Louisville on July 25 wasn’t doing very well before the announcement (around 3,800 tickets out) and drew 6,000. RAW last Monday in Kansas City was at 5,300 (around 4,300 paid), but after the Cena announcement ended up with 7,700 people (6,700 paid).

Cena will be sticking around post-Summerslam and was recently was announced for the September 10 Smackdown at Madison Square Garden. At the time of the announcement, that had 8,832 tickets out (just over 6,300 paid) and that’s expected to rise quite a bit now that he will be on the show. As of the first two days, it’s only sold an extra 333 tickets.

Cena will be shooting a film after Summerslam in Europe, so Smackdown is the only show after that he’s announced for at this time. Summerslam had 44,115 tickets out with 40,000 paid, which is up 1,653 from the announcement of Cena and likelihood that Goldberg will appear. The get-in price is $53, the second-best WWE show (behind the Garden which has a $55 price on the secondary market).

Smackdown tonight in Minneapolis was at 7,816. Tomorrow’s house show in Milwaukee is 4,935. Sunday in Detroit is at 8,414. Monday’s RAW in Chicago will likely sell out. They have 11,829 tickets out and are only 800 short. However, Cena is not advertised for that event, so WWE has been pushing Goldberg and the return of Randy Orton.

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