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More On WWE’s Decision To Let Brock Lesnar’s Deal Expire, If AEW Could Be In Negotiations, How They Approach Bookings For Lesnar and Tyson Fury

September 4, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee
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As noted earlier this week, Brock Lesnar is now a free agent after his WWE deal expired months ago and talks for a new one came to a standstill. According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, one of the reasons WWE let him go is because it made no sense to use him during a pandemic when they had no live crowds. A WWE source noted the only reason WWE would even make an offer to Lesnar right now would be to keep him from AEW.

As for AEW, it’s unknown if they are in talks with Lesnar or not, as Tony Khan recently declined to comment on if negotiations were happening. The WON noted that while AEW signing him would make a statement, his “value to AEW would be nowhere near his price tag”. With AEW trying to simply break even during the pandemic, the cost would outweigh the benefits. There’s also the fact that a big part of his act, Paul Heyman, is still under contract to WWE. Lesnar would likely only use AEW as leverage to get more money out of a return to WWE.

The relationship between Lesnar and WWE is much like that of UFC and Conor McGregor. His pay rate is so high that it wouldn’t make sense to use him for anything other than the big money events. It’s a simular situation to Tyson Fury, in that WWE really only considers the two for major events like the shows in Saudi Arabia or Wrestlemania at this point.

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