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More on WWE’s Lawsuit Against Solar Entertainment

January 31, 2013 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

– As previously reported, WWE has filed a lawsuit against their TV partner in the Philippines, Solar Entertainment Corp. The lawsuit is over money that WWE claims is owed to them by Solar. According to the complaint the two companies began working together in October 2007, with Solar carried WWE’s content on RPN9, Solar Sports and Jack TV. That deal ended in March of last year. WWE alleges that Solar failed to pay a monetary amount that was due under different deals for TV shows that would run on free TV, PPVs that would run on paid channels and a 2011 deal for new PPV events. The money owed is from a period where the two companies were trying to work out a new permanent and long-term deal.

WWE’s suit claims that Solar failed to pay this amount and were informed by WWE on February 15th, 2012 that they were in breach of their contract. At that time, Solar allegedly owed $960,105.92 which they have yet to pay. WWE also alleges that it is owed $21,601.92 from the 2011 deal memo for additional PPV events, making the title $981,707.84 plus the interest and penalties that Solar contractually agreed to in the case of late payments.

Solar is no longer airing Raw, Smackdown or PPVs but they still broadcast NXT and Superstars. WWE has requested a jury trial.

Credit: PWInsider

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