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More WWE News: WWEClassics.com Update, Edge’s Health, WWE Vintage Collection In Canada, More

June 30, 2009 | Posted by Larry Csonka

– Edge has been banged up recently, which is why he wasn’t set for a match at The Bash on Sunday. In a recent interview, he discusses his recent matches, including the ladder match with Jeff Hardy, stating: “That one really took it out of me. Ten years ago if we did that match you know maybe in a few days we would have felt a lot better. We were 10 years younger though. Now, it took me almost a full week before I could walk upright. It took a while to recuperate from that one.” [Credit: Pwinsider.com]

– The Score in Canada is advertising that that the “WWE Vintage Collection” show will debut on Saturday at 7PM ET. The show is hosted by Gene Okerlund, and airs clips from WWE’s past. [Credit: Pwinsider.com]

– WWE tapes Smackdown and ECW tonight in Fresno, California, and then another week of ECW and Smackdown on Wednesday night in Bakersfield, California. If you attend, feel free to send in results of the shows!

– The following updates have been made to the WWECLASSICS.com service:
* Generations – Ted DiBiase: “Ted DiBiase sits down with WWECLASSICS.com to discuss his all-time favorite moments involving his dad. From the famous vignettes to a classic cage match with Randy Savage, this Legacy member reveals what it was like growing up in the DiBiase family. Also included are personal stories such as the day Ted DiBiase brought the Million Dollar Championship to school. This is a priceless episode of Generations you won’t want to miss.”
* Superstars: 2/23/1991 February 23, 1991
* Raw: Episode 90 December 12, 1994
* Wrestling Challenge: Episode 58 October 11, 1987
* Primetime Wrestling: Mr. Perfect vs. Bret Hart November 6, 1989
* Raw: The Rock vs. Triple H – I Quit Match January 24, 1999
* Saturday Night’s Main Event: Roddy Piper vs. Adrian Adonis January 3, 1987
* Nitro: Rey Mysterio vs. Syxx April 21, 1997
* Unforgiven 2003: Triple H vs. Randy Orton September 21, 2003
* Raw: D-Generation X vs. Legion of Doom December 15, 1997


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