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MVP On His Feud With Matt Hardy Originally Being For Matt and Ken Kennedy, Possible Hall of Fame Induction

February 7, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
MVP Royal Rumble Image Credit: WWE

Speaking with Sam Roberts on the latest Notsam Wrestling podcast, MVP recalled his feud with Matt Hardy and weighed in on a possible Hall of Fame induction down the road. Hardy was one of MVP’s first major feuds as United States Champion, and began when the two began trying to one-up each other in an “anything you can do, I can do better” style. The two feuded through the middle to later half of 2007 and had a reign as Tag Team Champions during that time as well.

MVP recalled how the feud was originally supposed to be for Hardy and Ken Kennedy but Hardy suggested it to them because Kennedy was injured. He also talked about his prospects for the Hall of Fame down the road and who he would want to induct him; the video and highlights are below:

On his feud with Hardy: “I think almost inarguably that it’s the most memorable run [of his]. Especially during that time on Smackdown when Smackdown was depleted with so many major injuries. And it was cool as hell that Vince had an open-door policy and told me and Matt, ‘Hey, you guys got ideas? Bring them in here.’ So a lot of the stuff that we did was, I mean that whole angle was our idea.”

On the feud originally being planned between Hardy and Ken Kennedy: “Actually, to be fair, Matt and Kennedy had talked about doing something similar. It was an idea that they had. Ken was out hurt. Matt asked me what I thought about it, I thought it was great. He asked Ken if he would be cool to pitch it for us. Of course, Ken was cool with it. And we brought it to Vince, Vince loved it and voila. History was made.”

On a potential Hall of Fame induction for him: “You know, it’s weird how it all comes together. You mentioned the Hall of Fame. You know it’s weird that I’m at that point in my career where I know it’s coming to an end very soon and now people are talking about the Hall of Fame. And you know, it’s what constitutes a Hall of Fame career? What are the stats? I mean, I always said ‘Man, my pictures on the wall in Ribera Steak House. I’m in the Hall of Fame.”

On who he would want to induct him: “You know, that’s what I was saying how funny it is. There’s so many people that touched my career and who had an effect on me. I’ve never thought about my Hall of Fame induction, because it was something that I was like, ‘Hall of Fame?? Let’s see what happens.’ I don’t know about the Hall of Fame but if it is something that happens, of course I’d be honored and it would thrill me to be able to bring my son on stage to accept with me and for him to be a part of that whole experience. Maybe it’s a bit premature to have this conversation, but I’m pretty sure Matt Hardy would definitely be one of the first people I would probably turn to for my induction. Because as you said, it was probably my most memorable feud in WWE.”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Notsam Wrestling with a h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.