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Mysterios Appear on WWE NXT, Dominik Battles Raul Mendoza

March 15, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE NXT Mysterios Legado del Fantasma Image Credit: WWE

Rey and Dominik Mysterio appeared on this week’s episode of WWE NXT, with Dominik facing Raul Mendoza in the ring. Tonight’s episode saw Rey and Dominik show up in a backstage segment featuring Legado del Fantasma, where Escobar said he is the greatest Luchador WWE has ever seen.

The disagreements led to a match set up between Dom and Mendoza, which Mysterio won after Fallon Henley came down to counter distraction by Elektra Lopez and Briggs & Jenson joined her. Rey decked Escobar on the outside and Dominik hit the 619 and then a frog splash on Dom for the win.