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The Name on the Marquee: Mid-South Wrestling (8.14.1982)

December 23, 2018 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Mid-South Wrestling
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The Name on the Marquee: Mid-South Wrestling (8.14.1982)  

-Originally aired August 14, 1988.

-Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bob Roop. Both of them look really confused and distracted by something as the show starts. JYD is still boycotting the Mid-South TV tapings, even though he was named “People’s Champion” at a recent event.

-We go to an AWA event in Houston to watch the Junkyard Dog make his way to the ring for a bout against Nick Bockwinkel, with JYD getting five minutes alone with Bobby Heenan if he wins. There must be some really complicated angle here that we’ve missed out on in the AWA, because ring announcer Bruce Prichard announces that JYD’s crown is on the line. And he’s holding up a literal crown. JYD has a crown for some reason. Paul Boesch steps in and struggles to sew together a complete sentence in his usual fashion, but apparently, there was a fan petition to give him a crown. We cut off before the bell sounds because JYD is denying permission to air the match, in accordance with his current protest against Mid-South TV. But, Boyd Pierce assures us, he beat Bockwinkel and got to keep his crown.


-DiBiase and Barr start. DiBiase elbows him and it’s Duggan who goes scientific, with a front facelock into a neckbreaker. Hot tag Mike Bond, who gets some momentum going by working DiBiase’s arm. Jesse Barr dropkicks Duggan, but gets booted down as Boyd Pierce has gone totally silent on commentary while Bob Roop goes Full Jim Ross, running down the college backgrounds of every man in the match. DiBiase ends it with a figure four on Bond.


-Taylor is like a fatter version of Dr. Death. He puts Sharpe in a full nelson. Sharpe flexes free and reverses it. Taylor goes to the ropes. Sharpe connects with shoulders and a dropkick as Boyd Pierce just has to be ribbing Roop at this point, as Roop addresses him directly at one point and Pierce still isn’t saying anything. Sharpe works the arm until Taylor goes back to the ropes. Sharpe with rapid fire punches and another dropkick, and the piledriver gives Sharpe the victory.

-Boyd Pierce announces that Dick Murdoch is back after a successful tour of “The Orientals.” We flash back to May to re-watch Dick Murdoch vs. Hangman Harris in Harris’ debut match. To recap, he was brought in by Skandar Akbar as a hired gun. Akbar steals Murdoch’s backpack to use it as a weapon, but accidentally KOs Harris to give Murdoch the win. Now that we’ve had our memory of Murdoch’s gimmick refreshed, he’ll be returning next week.


-Ellering takes Starr to the mat. Starr tries forearms but gets flung across the ring. Flying headscissors by Ellering, then he works over the arm. Biel and a suplex by Ellering for the two-count. Neckbreaker finally puts Starr away.

KILLER KHAN (Louisiana Champion) vs. TOMMY SAXON

-Boots and a hiptoss by Khan. Khan goes after Saxon’s eyes by dragging a forearm over them, then stomps and stomps at him. Kneedrop from the second rope ends things as Roop abruptly announces he needs to leave.


-Ted DiBiase and Hacksaw Jim Duggan are at the commentary table as Boyd announces that one way or another, JYD vs. DiBiase WILL happen next week, either in a singles match for the North American Title or a tag match for the Tag Team Titles.

-Romeo hiptosses Olympia as DiBiase says it’s ridiculous for Olympia to go out there without his supposed friend and partner JYD. Duggan posits that JYD lacks the proper supply of guts for next week’s alleged match. Romeo throws forearms as DiBiase complains that this match should already be over, which proves how little Olympia is able to handle wrestling on his own. Bodypress wraps it up.

-DiBiase ends the show by saying that contrary to popular belief, he’s had an open contract for JYD waiting for the past three weeks and JYD doesn’t have the guts to sign it because he doesn’t want to lose the last remaining belt around his waist.

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Holy shit, that was the most nothing I've ever seen happen in an episode of Mid-South. DiBiase's promo was a strong finish though.