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The Name on the Marquee: NWA World Championship Wrestling (6.27.1987)

February 5, 2018 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
NWA World Championship Wrestling
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The Name on the Marquee: NWA World Championship Wrestling (6.27.1987)  

-Coach Barry Switzer invites us ALL to the Great American Bash!

-Originally aired June 27, 1987.

-Your hosts are Tony Schiavone & David Crockett. Big news, as the Garvin Brothers signed an open contract offered by the “Dream Team” of Ric Flair & Lex Luger. Flair struts out and he’s ready for War Games.

-Spike clubbers Martin but misses a charge. Martin goes to work on the arm. He’d work the neck, but Spike showed up without one. Basher tags in and suplexes Martin. Tony mentions that the Bash is coming to Reunion Arena in Dallas, back when everybody thought that Dallas was ripe for the taking. As it turned out, they were just done with wrestling, period.

-Basher stomps El Negro. Elbows by the Mod Squad while David Crockett mentions that Ron Garvin is at the peak of his career. Elbow off the top by Basher finishes.

-JJ Dillon is here. Next week will be the first time in history that two rings will be set up side by side with a cage surrounding the whole thing. Nothing really to say here aside from JJ hammering home the rules as clearly as possible.

-Arn goes to the shoulder and applies a hammerlock. Series of knees to the shoulder as this is turning into your standard TBS hundred-year squash before Arn does the gourdbuster out of nowhere and wraps it up.

-Saturday night, July 4: The Match Beyond LIVE at the Omni!

RON & JIMMY GARVIN (with Precious) vs RIC FLAIR & LEX LUGER (with JJ Dillon)
-They’ve already called Ric & Lex “The Dream Team” a dozen times but I can’t bring myself to do that because it means comparing Lex to Dino Bravo and Lex deserves better.

-Ric and Ron start and they go straight to the chop battle. Ric escapes and Lex tags in. Jimmy tags in and takes Lex down with a side headlock. Ron tags in and headbutts Lex until he gets fed up and tags in Flair. Flair gets pinballed and flops down for a two-count. Jimmy surprisingly wants a part of the chop battle, and not only does he hold up his end of it, but Flair’s chest is covered in blood when he’s done!

-Lex slams Jimmy down and drops an elbow for two. Flair tags in and takes a backslide for two. Ron tags back in and we have another chop-off. Lex tags back and powerslams Ron. He teases the torture rack, but Ron springs up and chops him too. Lex makes the tag and Ron helps Ric into the ring with a suplex as we pause…

-Back from commercial, Flair and Ron are just having a straight up FIGHT. Irish whip sends Flair flipping out to the concrete. Back in, Jimmy goes nuts on Flair with right hands to get revenge for all the weeks of flirting with Precious. Ron tags in and comes off the top rope with a sunset flip for a two-count with bonus foreshadowing.

-Jimmy gets caught in the Horsemen corner. Jimmy “backdrops” Luger with Luger unfortunately landing right on his feet. Ron tags in and Flair just wants to get this over with, so he atomic drops Jimmy and locks on the figure four instantly. Ron escapes and tags in little brother, who rolls up Flair for two. Flair misses an elbow and Ron just lays into him with SCARY-sounding chops. All four men are in the ring and Flair tosses Jimmy to the floor. And with Jimmy incapacitated, Flair makes his move for Precious, with JJ putting Precious over her shoulders and carrying her off…until Dusty and Nikita come out and make the save, because God forbid the guy whose WIFE is threatened can be the one who gets over in this angle.

-Referee gets bumped, hands of stone knock out Lex, brainbuster knocks out Ric, and Ron counts Flair’s shoulders down for his brother to get the visual pin. Referee calls it a double-DQ. Great match, obnoxious booking by Dusty.

-Jimmy is pissed off about his wife being abused and wants revenge. Detail that I love: Jimmy is pissed off about his wife being assaulted…but still makes it a point to put on his glittering jacket and gloves before complaining about it. He demands a cage match with Flair, NWA Title on the line!

RICKY MORTON (World Tag Team Champion) vs FREDDIE SMITH
-Side headlock by Morton as we’re apparently just left to sit here, never to find out why he’s working alone this week. Backbreaker by Morton. Shot to the gut by Morton. Axehandle off the top rope, and the dropkick finishes. So…Robert?

-JJ and Luger are out here, freshly showered and wearing a polo shirt that’s soaked because Lex didn’t dry himself first. Jim Crockett Jr. is in the building today, so if Jimmy Garvin wants a title match, he can have it. Luger is so mad he rips the shirt off and hollers about something or other.

-The Blessed Dusty is here for the weekly chyron reminding us that he’s the World Six Man Tag Team Champion. Dusty says he loves it when he sees other wrestlers taking on the Horsemen—well, hell, I love that too, so go away! Dusty also touches on Dark Journey, saying that if he wanted brown sugar, he’d just go for a drive around Atlanta and bring back “the good stuff.”

-Koloff takes Chase down but misses an elbowdrop. Koloff flings Brodie across the ring and murders him with the sickle to finish.

-Nikita joins Dusty. I finally watched that reality show on Lifetime that Nikita and his daughter are on and I’m pretty impressed by how little Nikita has aged in 30 years. A few flecks of grey in the goatee and that’s it. Anyway, in 1987, there’s pain coming for Lex Luger. Dusty promises agony for the Four Horsemen at the Great American Bash.

-Barry’s wearing yellow tights and red kneepads. This matters, I’m sure.

-Slam and a stomp by Windham. He works the leg, and the flying lariat ends it.

-Barry Windham is ready for the Great American Bash. The Horsemen are gonna get knocked off their high horses by the end of the summer!

TV TITLE: TULLY BLANCHARD (Champion, with Dark Journey) vs HAL MOORE
-Jobber looks like a pudgy unshaven Joe Buck and has a name that sounds like it would precede “Chevrolet” on a sign somewhere in Middle America. Tully puts the boots to Moore and tosses im to the floor.

-Back in, Tully lays into him with right hands and a dropkick. “We want Dusty!” chant from a clearly insatiable crowd that forgot about the three segments he’s already been in. Slingshot suplex finishes.

-Everyone but Ric is out there, but Arn does all the talking, saying that the Road Warriors and the Superpowers are screwed in The Match Beyond.

-Jim Cornette is here. Ricky Morton beat up a nobody and even THEN he had trouble. Ricky Morton is garbage, his mother’s a dog, and the rest of his family is a bunch of cowards who are ashamed to know him.

MIDNIGHT EXPRESS (US Tag Team Champions, with Jim Cornette) vs. PAUL DAMON & TERRY JONES
-Cornette is just all over the place like he had 30 cups of coffee before he came out. Crescent kick by Sweet Stan. He dumps Paul Damon on the floor. Beautiful Bobby drags him over to the commentary table so Cornette can ask for his prediction about the upcoming Rock & Roll vs. Midnights match.

-Terry Jones tags in and Stan works both arms at once. Damon gets faceplanted and the Express wins. Cornette doesn’t even acknowledge his team won and keeps rambling until they break for commercial in mid-sentence.

-Ricky Morton tries to taunt Jim Cornette. Don Rickles he is not.

-And now, as an appetizer for The Match Beyond, we bring you The Match Beneath. Thunderfoot chokes Dalton and chops him down. He throws Dalton outside as some fan pleads to Scrappy McGowan for some sort of sanity in this onslaught. Neckbreaker finishes.

-Mod Squad gets mic time! The NWA is the place for tag team competition.

-JJ Dillon confronts Jim Crockett about Jimmy Garvin’s demand for the title match. It will be in Greensboro, per Garvin’s demand. Crockett agrees to that so JJ builds this slowly. If Flair wins, the Garvins have to return that fur coat that Precious took off with…and then he drops the bombshell that Flair gets one night with Precious if he wins. It’s amazing how this is no-sold. That should be a huge “OOoooooh, how dare he!” moment, but Crockett just kind of nods and says “Okay” and Tony wraps up the segment. “There you have it, fans, Precious is on the line.”

-Tully and Dark Journey wrap up the show with a rebuttal. This brown sugar is too sweet for Dusty Rhodes.

The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
A great idea for an angle marred by awful execution. Seeing Precious being threatened and abused should just be the ultimate MAN UP moment for Jimmy, but instead, he needs help from Ron, Dusty, and Nikita to get anything done, and it just blew my mind the way that "Flair gets one night with Precious" was sold as if Flair was demanding a special guest popcorn guy in the crowd. The feature match was good, but the extracurriculars left a lot to be desired.