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Naomi Discusses Why She Needed to Take Time Off from WWE in 2019, How Supportive WWE Was

March 17, 2020 | Posted by Ashish
Naomi WWE Smackdown, Titus O'Neil

On the latest edition of Chasing Glory, Naomi discussed how supportive WWE was of her after she told them she needed time off in 2019 following the death of her cousin, the personal issues her husband (Jimmy Uso) was facing, as well as health problems she was suffering from. Highlights are below.

On what happened that led to her needing to take time off: “I was just feeling really exhausted, really tired, didn’t know what was going on, doing everything right, eating right, training, killing myself in the gym, doing all those things, but didn’t know why I didn’t have any energy, feeling like I’m about to pass out, just all these things. So that was already going on and then my cousin passed away in labor, seven kids and she was like a sister to me.”

“I just, I could not go back to work, I could not function, I had to grieve, I had to mourn, I couldn’t believe it. It happened, and it was very hard because I couldn’t, when we knew she was about to go, I couldn’t be there with her.”

On how her husband, Jimmy Uso, also went through personal issues at the same time: “Also on top of that, my husband was dealing with his own troubles and in a marriage, it ain’t no him and me. If he’s messed up or if he’s struggling, I am. If he ain’t good, I’m not good. I was also dealing with that.”

On how she had never asked for time off prior to this: “And it was very hard, ten years, I have never asked for time off. The time I have had off was injury, and that’s no time off because you stress and your busting your butt trying to get back to work, and worrying about your spot being taken or worrying about so many things. Literally, I felt like my life was everywhere, and I wasn’t dealing with the things in my personal life, year after year, every time something happened I just worked through it. I don’t really stop and deal with and process it.”

On how she used her time off: “I just took that time off to mentally get myself back grounded, reconnect with my family, be there for my family, to just kick out, and then went to the doctor and found out I was severely anemic, completely vitamin D deficient, I had a stomach ulcer, so it was just like, woah, I haven’t been taking care of myself as much as I thought.”

On telling WWE she needed time off: “I was like, I’m not asking, I’m telling you, I have to take some time off, because I am not good right now.”

On how supportive they were: “100% supportive. There was no question about it, it was OK, and that’s something that I’m also thankful for, ya know, that the company does support us in that way. Through everything, they were like, ‘Do you need this? We have this outlet? Do you need this? Do you want this? We’re here for you.’

On how far WWE has come in being supportive of their talent when they go through personal issues: “It has, it really has. They were, do we need to make doctor appointments for you? I stayed in touch with talent relations and they were really just wanting the best for us and really gave us the time, but initially it wasn’t, we weren’t trying to take off at the same time, it just ended up working out that way and it had to be that way because we were both going through things.”

If using any of the above quotes, please credit Chasing Glory with an h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.

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