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Natalia Markova Accuses Carmella Of Stealing Her Catchphrase, Says She Felt Disrespected

July 23, 2022 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Carmella Image Credit: WWE

In an interview with PWMania, NWA wrestler Natalia Markova accused Carmella of stealing her catchphrase, which she did in a post on social media. Markova has been using the phrase ‘badass with a great ass’, which Carmella used in photos of herself. Here are highlights:

On Carmella using her catchphrase: “I lecture so much against any drama. I didn’t even know until people started tagging me about her using my catchphrase. I thought to myself, let her see the people mentioning her and she’ll stop doing it. The wrestling world is small, obviously she saw it. The week after she saw it, she put another tweet with the same catchphrase. I would have expected her to stop doing that out of respect for the wrestling business. I’m a known wrestler, I’ve done a lot. I’ve had a big career, even though I’m not the most popular wrestler, people know about me.”

On why she’s bothered by it: “Stuff like that is cheap and not the right thing to do. I think stealing is bad, it doesn’t matter if you’re a big star or a small star. It’s just disrespectful and if she wants to be a noble person she has to stop using my catchphrase. Everyone knows it’s my catchphrase. If she asked me, I’m a nice person and would totally discuss it with her. Doing something like that just isn’t noble. I don’t like when people who are big and popular can get away with everything just for that reason. It’s not about me at that point. Morals should be the same for everyone, regardless of popularity. We should all respect each other and be noble human beings.”

On working in NWA: “Being a part of NWA is amazing. Billy Corgan is an amazing boss. When you go to NWA shows, you see the heart and soul that everyone backstage puts into the product,” says Markova. “They make a big effort trying to tell you a story. When you go to a show, they want you to feel real emotions. At NWA you see personalities, actual characters, and see the story.”

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