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Natalya on Where She Would Want to End Her Career

June 3, 2023 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Natalya Image Credit: Jeffrey Harris/411mania

– During a recent interview with The Toronto Sun, WWE Superstar Natalya discussed where she would want to wrestle her last match if she could pick the location. Below are some highlights:

Natalya on where she would want to wrestle her last match: “If I could pick a place where I would have a last match per se, I don’t think there would be a place more perfect than Calgary, and when and if that day comes — maybe I could put it out there to the wrestling gods — that that’s the place that I would like to celebrate the ending of my career.”

On why Calgary is special for her: “The SaddleDome is where, when I was growing up, I can remember my dad wrestling, and Bret and Owen and Davey. Going back to Calgary and Calgary in general is so special to me, it’s special to my entire family.”

On the dream of picking where you end your career: “I mean, that’s the dream of every wrestler, I think, to be able to pick their ending, to pick the day that they don’t want to do this anymore or the day that they want to retire or the day.”

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