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NBA Player Celebrates Like Ric Flair After Getting A Three Point Shot

December 20, 2012 | Posted by Joseph Lee

The Orlando Sentinel recently posted an article about Orlando Magic guard JJ Redick, who told reporters he would add Ric Flair’s “WOOOOO” to his celebration after he made a three-point shot.

The article read:

Redick added Flair’s trademark exclamation “woooo!” as he celebrated a made 3-pointer.

The basket cut the Minnesota Timberwolves’ lead over the Orlando Magic to 34-33 with 9:23 remaining in the second quarter. As Redick ran back down the court, he extended three fingers on each hand and yelled “woooo!” It was tough for most fans to hear Redick because the arena’s loudspeakers simultaneously blared public-address announcer Paul Porter yelling “threeee!”

Nicknamed “The Nature Boy,” Flair is one of pro wrestling’s most famous figures.

Before Monday’s game, Redick said he was going to incorporate Flair’s signature phrase into his on-court celebration.

It seemed at the time that Redick was playing a prank on the reporters who were interviewing him. After all, several years ago, Redick never denied a false rumor that he was making a rap album, and Redick got a kick out of seeing gullible members of the media report the rumor as fact. But Redick delivered on his Flair pledge.

Credit: Wrestlezone

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