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New QR Code Found In WWE 2K24, Leads To ‘Remember’ Video

May 27, 2024 | Posted by Joseph Lee
WWE Image Credit: WWE

There have been a series of QR codes for months which are leading to something in WWE, as each video includes new clues. The latest is featured in WWE 2K24, which leads to a video on this website called ‘Remember.’

The video features flashes of several images, including a shack, a person, a bird, flies, before a message that reads: “Remember who you are.” The images continue from there, with a door opening, the person pointing to the side and at the camera, as well as art and various symbols. The person then removes their shroud but their face isn’t seen.

According to one Twitter user, the number in the site’s URL (11_19) is the same that was featured on Bray Wyatt’s hat during a Firefly Funhouse episode with Alexa Bliss.

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