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NFL Player George Kittle Criticizes Brock Lesnar for Only Wrestling Three Times a Year, Discusses WWE Needing to Fix Things, Praises TLC 2018 Event

December 23, 2018 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Brock Lesnar WWE Survivor Series

NBC Sports recently spoke to NFL 49ers player and tight end George Kittle, who discussed his WWE fandom and attending TLC 2018. He also criticized Brock Lesnar for being an absentee champion who only wrestles about three times a year. Below are some highlights.

His thoughts on WWE promising to fix their problems: “I think the script is a little messed up right now,” Kittle said this week of the WWE. They said they were going to fix it, and I believe them. I’m looking forward to see what they do. You have Dean Ambrose back, and his feud with Seth Rollins is great.”

Kittle on his favorite matches: “One of my favorite things is when I see guys flying out of the ring 24-7. Ladders matches, stuff like that. I love when there’s not a single second of down time. Everyone getting pushed, fight, fight, fight, fall out of the ring, and the next guy comes in. He falls out, next guy comes in. It’s like a rotation of six guys.”

Kittle on watching TLC 2018 live in attendance: “It was pretty epic. It was super cool. That was one of the most fun times I’ve had watching a women’s match because they killed it. They did a lot better than a lot of other things I’ve seen. Definitely the best main event I’ve seen in a long time.”

Kittle on why he also likes Ring of Honor: “The fast-paced stuff is what really interests me. … In Ring of Honor, they have guys that do 25-minute matches, but they feel like 5 minutes because there is so much stuff going on. You’re just like, ‘Oh my goodness. This is incredible.’ ”

His criticism of Brock Lesnar: “I hate it when there is a champion that doesn’t wrestle every week. Brock Lesnar wrestles maybe three times a year. I think that’s kind of hard for fans to watch because you’re not really a champion if you don’t wrestle. A championship match. That’s what really excites me.”

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