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UPDATED: Nick Jackson Says AEW Win-Loss Records Likely to Reset In January

November 12, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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UPDATE: Nick Jackson has now clarified when the win-loss records in AEW will reset, and it sounds like it could be a yearly thing. Responding again to a fan question for more details, Jackson said the ratings will probably reset in January.

If this is a yearly reset and not more frequently, that would correspond with the anniversary of when AEW was officially announced in January of this year.

ORIGINAL: For those curious of how AEW will handle the more unwieldy aspects of maintaining a win-loss record in pro wrestling, Nick Jackson has an answer. The Young Bucks member posted to Twitter in response to a fan who asked if AEW had a way to “booking around” potential issues down the road that the company’s adherance to wins and losses could cause. Per Jackson, the records will eventually be reset.

There’s no word on exactly when this reset will happen, or how often. Some are speculating that it could reset once a year after All Out or after Double or Nothing, but there are no answers from AEW officials about this yet.