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Nick Khan Weighs In On Likely Future with Vince McMahon and Dana White Under The Same Roof

September 18, 2023 | Posted by Jack Gregory
Ariel Helwani meets Nick Khan _ WWE releases, the future of NXT, and his role in the company 2-49 screenshot, WrestleMania Weekend Image Credit: BT Sport

In a recent appearance on The Bill Simmons Podcast, WWE President Nick Khan shared his thoughts on what can be expected now that UFC’s Dana White and WWE’s Vince McMahon will be operating in the same sphere as part of TKO (via Wrestling Inc). Khan explained the similarities he sees in both men and thinks the synergy has positive potential. You can find a few highlights from Khan and listen to the full podcast episode below.

On McMahon’s and White’s perspectives on each other: “So I think a couple things, when Dana put out a quote when this deal was announced, which was just after WrestleMania LA in April, Dana’s quote was something to the effect of I’m looking forwards to working with Vince and team, Vince is a savage in the wrestling business, something to that effect. Vince is as complimentary about Dana.”

On the parallels Khan sees between both men: “Both single-parent households, both grew up without much money or resources, and both had to fight their way to the inside from the outside.”