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Nick Mondo Discusses How Jon Moxley Has Changed Since Leaving WWE For AEW

October 15, 2021 | Posted by Blake Lovell
Jon Moxley GCW Fight Club

In a recent interview on The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Nick Mondo discussed how Jon Moxley has changed since leaving WWE for AEW, Nick Gage’s work over the past year, and much more. Here are some of the highlights:

Nick Mondo on how Jon Moxley has changed since leaving WWE for AEW: “I think he’s just so much more comfortable. He was doing I believe more than 250 shows a year at one point, averaging like five a week. So he said to me one time ‘obviously you get beat up, but the toughest part is being in a seated position all the time, whether you’re in a vehicle or on a plan. Just think of the travel. Ugh. It’s just brutal. Most of your life is just in a seated position, you know?’ So he has a lot more freedom. If he wants to say something on the mic, he can say it. And I mean, if he wants to show up at an indie show and wrestle Nick Gage in a legitimate death match, he can do it. So just being able to choose, there is a line that I use in the edit and he just said ‘I spent a lot of years just not getting what I want. Just not getting satisfaction and just not getting to choose. And this is what I want. I can choose it and this is what I’m going after.’ I think he’s just living it up. A lot of guys aren’t going to want to do death matches like this on a regular basis, and I certainly don’t blame Moxley. But it is a rush, if you can pop in there and experience it and go back. I can see how he’s excited about this.”

On Gage’s work over the past year and why he thinks he’s shifted to a long-term vs. short-term mindset: “He is intense and he brings a frightening aspect to the ring. But I was actually quite relieved and refreshed talking to him. I had a few hours to talk to him, and just seeing where his head is at, if you can believe it, I think he’s actually in a really good place right now. And he’s been careful to set up his business plan for his future and everything. The Dark Side of the Ring, I think it ended with him saying ‘I’m probably going to die soon’ and stuff like that. But I feel like some of that was brought out of him. And we all have good days and bad days, but he’s thinking longer term, and he’s smart. But still, you better be ready when you get in the ring with him, because he’s going to bring it, you know?”

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