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Nigel McGuinness Recalls Wrestling As Kane For A One-Off Indy Event

June 9, 2023 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Nigel McGuinness Image Credit: WWE

In an interview with Metro, Nigel McGuinness spoke about a time he played Kane for an independent event at Butlin’s holiday camps. Here are highlights:

On wrestling as Kane: “I used to do Butlin’s camps. Every now and again to spice it up, they’d want us to do parody wrestlers. So there was one time I got to the venue and they gave me a Kane mask, the whole gear. I had to go out and wrestle as Kane for 15, 20 minutes – with a bad back as well! It was just absolutely the lowest point of my career, at that point at least.”

On recreating Risky Business scene for another event: “What I didn’t realise was that in England, no one knows what Risky Business is whatsoever! If you type “Risky Business Tom Cruise” into Google, you’ll get the picture now. If you do, imagine me dressed up like that – and imagine having never seen that, and the music from Risky Business playing. I come out dancing to the music and they’re going, “Why is he wearing a pink dress shirt and no trousers?! He’s only wearing his underwear. It was like a nightmare except it was real! I probably shouldn’t talk about that because it’ll show up on YouTube somewhere and destroy what little credibility I have left.”

On his favorite matches: “People ask me about my favourite matches and oftentimes it wasn’t the big matches that got great reviews, it was the funny little matches. It was just a funny little tag match, but it was really enjoyable. The matches I had with Delirious in Ring of Honor as well, they were great matches but early on in the card. Told a great story, got a great pop and everything they needed to be!”

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