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Nikki Bella Feels Like A ‘Proud Mom’ Watching The WWE Women’s Division

March 16, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Nikki Bella

In an interview with Reel Talker, Nikki Bella spoke about watching the current WWE women’s division and how she feels like a ‘proud mom’ to see how far it’s come. Here are highlights:

On seeing women main event Wrestlemania: “It’s like being a proud mom. It’s like, you can raise your kids a certain way, right? And then when they accomplish something, you show them your footsteps, you give them the path, and then when they take that on, it’s like passing the torch. You just watch with such pride and that’s what I feel when I watch the women. It just makes me so proud that all of my hard work for twelve years there meant something and it made a change and it continues to make a change.”

On Daniel Bryan’s heel character: “I love it because there’s so much truth to it, and I think when your character has that foundation of truth of who you are, it’s just…there’s so much passion and you feel the passion so then you get invested and then you’re connected to it, and that’s the thing: everything that Bryan is saying is how he truly feels, and I love it because it also makes it to be very entertaining. When he called Vince out and said, ‘Your generation ruined it for us’. It was like, ‘yeah, I watched Mad Men. You guys created plastic.’ You invest, you naturally invest. Him changing the title; like what a heel thing to do. It’s him. I love it. It’s natural.”

On when she might return to the ring: “I absolutely love now that they have a tag team division. I would love to do something with it some time down the road. You know maybe Wrestlemania’s coming up and it’s always a fun event to be a part of it. WWE’s my home and it’ll always be my home and any time they want to open up that door and have double trouble take over we will take over.”

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