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Nikki Bella Wants to Wrestle Again, Cena Feels She’s Already Accomplished Everything She Could

October 18, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Nikki Bella

– On tonight’s episode of Total Bellas, they show footage of Nikki Bella meeting with her neck surgeon prior to WrestleMania, where he tells her that he neck will get worse if she keeps pushing herself in the ring. He adds, “If you were a family member of mine I’d probably be telling you, this is time to find something else.”

Nikki spoke with Fox Sports and revealed that John Cena has urged her to quit wrestling…

“Oh, yeah, he still does. He is like, ‘You have your health. Why continue? You’ve done everything you can as a WWE superstar.’ But I don’t believe that. There’s so much more us females can do and I always want to be at the forefront of that.”

But in an interview with E! News, Nikki says she’s eyeing a return in 2018 with her sister Brie

“It’s tough because when you love something so much and you’re very passionate about it you just don’t ever want to hear the words retirement or you’re career’s over, I know that with my spinal condition I can never be full time again, I just can’t do that but I do wanna be full time and I don’t want to retire. I literally can’t imagine not going into the ring and I want to make a comeback with Brie and I want to do it in 2018.”