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NJPW Shares Tribute to Road Warrior Animal

September 24, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Road Warriors Legion of Doom, Road Warrior Animal

NJPW1972.com released a tribute in memory of late WWE Hall of Famer Road Warrior Animal (aka Joe Laurinaitis). The Road Warriors team had a prolific history in the Japanese pro wrestling scene, and they made their NJPW debuts in July 1990, beating the team of Kensuke Sasaki and Riki Choshu.

After Animal suffered an injury in 1992, Road Warrior Hawk ended up forming a tag team with Sasaki creating a new team The Hell Raisers, and the team would actually go on to win the IWGP heavyweight tag team titles on two separate occasions. Later in 1996, Animal would tour Japan with Hawk and Sasaki, who was nicknamed the Power Warrior.