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Northeast Wrestling 6.15.19: Jon Moxley vs. Caz XL, More

June 17, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Jon Moxley Dean Ambrose, MJF

– Northeast Wrestling held a show on Saturday night featuring a surprise Jon Moxley vs. Caz XL match and more. Highlights are below, per PWInsider:

* The opening match saw an over the top Battle Royal with the winner going on to face NEW Champion JT Dunn for the title. Darby Allin wins in impressive fashion.

* Private Party vs. The Amazing Graysons vs. InZanely Rude: Private Party takes the win with high flying tandem tactics. Fantastic match with a ton of great spots. Marq Quen of P.P. particularly impressed with a jaw dropping springboard senton to the outside. Private Party also hit an incredible Frankensteiner Cutter combo to seal the deal.

Booker T and Renee Young come out to hype the crowd. Huge Pop for both.

* Wrecking Ball Legursky vs. Brad Hollister vs. Mike Taverna: Lots of 2 on 1 with Hollister & Taverna teaming up on the big man. Wrecking Ball overpowers both with the crowd behind him the whole way for the win. Chants of “Wrecking Ball” throughout.

* Karissa Rivera vs. Tasha Steelz: Jersey’s own Karissa Rivera is clearly the face in this one. Quick match with a Diamond Cutter finish on Steelz for the pinfall.

The next Segment was another highlight of the night. King Brian was in the ring with his cronies but Mick Foley took over from there. Foley ignored them and took the time to tell a great story about how he opened Nitro as a roller coaster enthusiast back in the day. Shortly thereafter, The Boogeyman joined Foley for a Mr. Socko attack and to clear the ring. Foley addressed the crowd saying that he’s fallen off a cell, taken stunners, and even Rock bottoms. BUT he’s never eaten a worm. Foley ate not one but two worms with the Boogeyman!! Boogey showed respect to the veteran for giving him the spotlight. What a great moment. Both superstars were incredible.

Darby Allin vs. JT Dunn (Champ) for the NEW Championship: Dunn took some early cheap shots post-match, but Allin impressed with a bottom rope corkscrew clothesline (something I’ve never seen before) and what I can best describe as a flip-over stunner. Dunn countered with a spinning elbow but Allin was able to kick out. Allin hit an amazing Canadian Destroyer on Dunn but it wasn’t enough. Dunn turned a sharpshooter attempt into a very innovative rollup for the win. The Winner and NEW….well, N E W Champion, Darby Allin. Hands down the match of the night. Allin is something special.

* Nzo and Caz XL come out with their catchphrases to a mixed reaction. Caz takes on Thrill Ride for a quick victory with a big Boot.

Post-match, Caz praises the crowd before quickly turning on them. He states that the last time we saw them they were in ROH in MSG. He goes full heel and issues an open Challenge.

* Jon Moxley vs. Caz XL: Who answers other than arguably the hottest superstar in wrestling today: Jon Moxley. Caz overpowers Mox for most of the match and lots of Nzo interference for insurance. Mox finally hits Dirty