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Notes On Changing Demographic Numbers for AEW Dynamite

May 22, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee
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The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the AEW audience has aged since April 1, in the second quarter of the year. The demographic numbers measured include live and same day through DVR. While AEW still has the youngest average audience in wrestling, that median age is 48 (69% male). RAW is the second youngest (51, 64% male), followed by Smackdown (54, 60% male) and NXT (56, 64% male).

AEW also averages more viewers live than the other wrestling shows. It’s believed that this is mostly families watching together as opposed to friends, as the pandemic obviously would prevent friends from getting together and the numbers haven’t changed much in those measures. Smackdown, however, dropped some weeks during the pandemic.

Since the numbers for the quarter started when the pandemic had already started, all of the shows dropped 20% or more. The younger audience dropped even more, possibly due to news coverage of the pandemic. RAW keeps a similar age level as it did last year (when it was 49-50), and Smackdown has aged from 50-54 while NXT is slightly older. AEW aged the most, as it was 39 when it started and stabilized at 42, before the pandemic changed things.

Meanwhile, DVR viewership has went down since the pandemic as well. The May 6th episode had 204,000 additional viewers while DVR for NXT had 140,000. This a huge decrease from before the pandemic.

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