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NWA Powerrr Results: Champions Series Continues, Updated Standings

August 3, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
NWA Powerrr, Billy Corgan

The NWA Champions Series continued on the latest episode of NWA Powerrr. You can see the results from the show below per Fightful, along with the updated standings:

* Champions Series: Kenzie Paige (Team Kamille) def. Lady Frost (Team Stevens)

* Champions Series: Crimson (Team Aldis) vs. The Masked Man (Team Pope) went to a draw

* Champions Series: Jeremiah Plunkett (Team Aldis) def. Sal Rinauro (Team Kamille) vs. Jordan Clearwater (Team Stevens) vs. Colby Corino (Team Pope). Corino took the pinfall.

* Champions Series: Tyrus (Team Stevens) def. Kratos (Team Kamille)

* Champions Series: Jax Dane (Team Pope) def. Slice Boogie (Team Aldis)

– Team Pope/Velvet: 14 points
– Team Kamille/Idol: 10 points
– Team Aldis/Melina: 9 points
– Team Stevens/Terrell: 10 points

Team Kamille & Idol defeat Team Stevens & Terrel based on time. Team Pope & Velvet defeat Team Aldis & Melina. Team Kamille & Idol will face Team Pope & Velvet in the finals next week.