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NXT Conference Call Report: Triple H on In Your House Being a Possible Annual Show, Drake Maverick Re-Signing, International PC Plans, More

June 4, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Triple H WWE Hall of Fame

Triple H hosted a press conference call on Thursday promoting NXT Takeover: In Your House and answered a host of questions about the brand, the future of NXT’s expansion, and more. You can check out a recap of the call below:

* Triple H starts the call with his condolences to the family of George Floyd and to all the “countless others” that have lost their lives due to senseless violence. He welcomed international reporters on the call and said he’s excited to be back in the “Takeover business” and that it seems appropriate to bring back In Your House during quarantine. He said he thinks the card is spectacular and then proceeded to preview the card and praise the performers.

* Asked if NXT will run outside the Performance Center now that Florida is entering phase two of reopening, Triple H said that they’ve been looking at all options since the beginning and figuring out how to navigate all of it. He said they’re working closely with Florida’s government to do what they need to do and said all options are on the table. He said that they need to understand completely what is being said in terms of what can and can’t be done, and they will respond accordingly. He added that they do what they do for the fans and want to deliver, and the faster they can get in front of fans safely, the better.

* Asked about what felt his most significant moment of his career has been now that it’s at 25 years, Triple H said that it’s been a long time and a lot of moments, all of which he enjoyed. He said that even more than the moments in the ring, he enjoyed the backstage moments and that now it’s about moments of watching future talent grow and knowing they’re giving them a platform to do so. Bringing it back to Takeover, he said we’ll see talents rise and grow on Sunday. He added that those moments are nearly bigger to him now than his own career and that it’s like watching your kids grow and succeed.

* Asked about Drake Maverick re-signing with the company after being released, Triple H said that the tournament was already booked out when the releases were done and that some difficult decisions were made. He noted that Maverick was given the option of continuing in the tournament and he chose to do so, hoping to prove that he could still be in WWE. He put over Maverick as one of the most passionate guys who loves WWE and said that he wasn’t involved in anything and it wasn’t a storyline at the time. He said Maverick caught people’s attentions and that they decided not to ignore it but instead turn it into something. He added that he’s “thrilled” they were able to keep him.

* The next caller was from Italy and was about Fabian Aichner. He asked if Aichner having the NXT Tag Team Championship was an important signal for the people of Italy. Triple H said that they look to bring in performers from everywhere, doesn’t matter where they’re from; he’s looking for great performers, great characters and great personalities, and said Aichner has all of those and is a phenomenal talent. He noted that they have talent from everywhere from all over the globe and has a ton of diversity.

* Asked about the ratio to live content on In Your House vs. taped in advance, he said that the Backlot Brawl is taped and everything else will be live. The Dream vs. Cole match is already taped and was done outside.

* Asked about the NXT Women’s Championship triple threat match, he said that he’s blown away with how great the women’s division in NXT has been and said they’ve been stealing the show. He said that the roster of talent is amazing and he can go back to the Paige, Sasha Banks, Bayley and the rest at the beginning, then fast-forward to today. He said the in-ring product is off the charts and talked about the six-woman tag team match, putting all of them over. He said the women have worked so hard for it and given everything they have, and they’ve delivered every time. He’s proud of them.

* Asked about how much credit Jeremy Borash and by extension Matt Hardy deserve for the Boneyard Match, Triple H took it back to Rock vs. Foley in Halftime Heat and Booker T and Steve Austin’s supermarket brawl as examples of how WWE have been doing this kind of things for year. He noted that Borash and Hardy took it to the next level and put over Borash as an incredible talent that he loves working with. He noted that it was a whole team effort of multiple people and a heavy editing process, and said everyone deserves credit. He noted that he was thrilled for both AJ and Undertaker as well.

* Asked about the number of surprise storyline developments in NXT (seemingly referencing Maverick’s contract signing) and if they were calculated to elevate the weekly show, he said that you always want to elevate the show and you don’t want ever go in saying “Let’s not surprise them.’ You always want to make the best show you can, and sometimes it’s a nice surprise and that with the way TV is doing now, you can do it without the spoilers getting out which he appreciates. He said spoilers can sometimes take away from the enjoyment of fans.

* Asked how happy he was to have Charlotte hold the NXT Women’s Title, Triple H said that he knows that she can get bashed because of her family legacy and name, but that it speaks to her as a performer that she would want to work across brands and be the performer she is. He says that the ultimate goal is building up other talent, and he wishes Rhea Ripley and Charlotte could have had a big stadium moment which could have made her. He talked about how the loss to RIpley at WrestleMania is an important step to develop Ripley’s character. He noted that Charlotte carries herself in a different way and having Ripley and Io Shirai step in there with her, they’ll tear it up. They want to steal the show and he’s thrilled to let them.

* Asked whether WWE still plans to open Performance Centers in Japan and Latin America, he said that that’s still a goal. International expansion is always a goal whether localized content or something else. He acknowledged that the pandemic has put things on hold but said that they’re still committed to the UK PC. He noted that expansion to other areas is still the goal, and that there’s a lot of people in the UK in particular champing at the bit to go.

* The next question was about COVID-19 testing for talent and if it’s the actual test. He said the testing is done by their medical team working with the government to determine the best approach to take. He talked a bit about how the tests have various accuracy levels and that they need to do what they’re being told to do and when the widespread testing is accurate, they will do so. He said that the protocols they’re using are effective and they work.

* Asked about the challenges putting on a show like Takeover in the current situation and any message for fans in India, he said that in this time the safety of their talent is first and foremost and there have been a lot of challenges, but that they’re one of the few things that have been able to stay out there and active. He added that he’s excited about the fanbase in India and can’t wait until they can tour India, noting that he’d like to tour NXT in the country.

* Asked about the Fight Pit cage gimmick, he said that it came about organically and that it was a matter of the right performers in Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher who brought the right pace and style. They based it on some past things and things they wanted to see, noting that the match delivered and captivated people. He thinks it can become a signature NXT match that can be used for grudge matches, and thinks that they’ll see more in the future.

* The final question was whether In Your House will be a regular event going forward as an annual event. He said it came about due to the circumstances and fit into the idea of people being stuck in their houses due to the lockdown. He said the timing was perfect and that they didn’t even realize that it was as close as it was to the 25th anniversary of the first In Your House event. He said that whether it becomes an annual thing depends on the enjoyment level and fan demand.

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