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NXT House Show Results 5.17.19 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Velveteen Dream Wins Triple Threat Headliner

May 18, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Velveteen Dream NXT 2-20-19

– NXT held a house show last night in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In the main event, Velveteen Dream defended the NXT North American title against Adam Cole and Matt Riddle. Below are some results, courtesy of PWInsider and Tiffer Burrs.

Match 1: Street Profits vs The Outliers (Riddick Moss and Dan Matha), who were accompanied by Robert Strauss. Good babyface/heel dynamic. Profits won with a crossbody rollup on Matha.

2nd match was Candace LaRae and Io Shirai vs Shafir and Duke. Heels worked over LaRae for the majority of the match. She made the hot tag and Shirai eventually finished off Duke with a top rope moonsault.

3rd match was Punishment Martinez defeating Keith Lee. These two took a while to get going, but once it did, they were pounding the snot out of each other. Lee kicked out of the sitout choke slam, but when he missed a moonsault off the top, Martinez hit him with a variation of the Cross Rhodes to get the victory. Lee got busted open hard during the match and had blood coming out of his ear afterwards.

4th match was Lorcan and Burch vs Undisputed Era (O’Reilly and Fish). Scary movie meant occurred midway through the match. Lorcan kicked Fish right in the face and legitimately knocked him out. You could tell that Fish couldn’t stand up straight. He rolled outside and attempted to catch a crossbody from Lorcan, but that didn’t go well. A Samoan drop to Lorcan was able to get him to his corner. The red threw up the X and a trainer and a second official came out to treat Fish. O’Reilly quickly locked in an armbar to get the submission victory. After the match, Strong and O’Reilly had to help Fish make it to the back.

After intermission was a Submission match between Kushida and Philly’s own Drew Gulak. Kushida came out first and got a great pop, but the roof almost blew off the place when Gulak came out. Good back and forth match, which saw Kushida win with the Hoverboard lock.

After the match, they bowed to each other and Gulak took the mic thanking the crowd and telling them how much he loves them. He then hyped up the Evolve 10th anniversary show at the 2300 Arena, which he kept referring to as the ECW Arena and issued an open challenge for it. It was accepted via backstage video from Matt Riddle. So Gulak vs Riddle is now booked for that show.

Next match was for the NXT Woman’s Title as Shayna Baszler defended against Kacy Catanzaro. This match just didn’t click for me. While Catanzaro is picking up the business quickly, she was moving slow and nothing looked like it was affecting the champ. Shayna retained with the choke after 10 minutes.

Main event was Velveteen Dream defending the North American title vs Matt Riddle and Adam Cole in a triple threat. Good back and forth action with multiple “fight forever” chants. All 3 of these guys were so massively over with the crowd. Dream was playing hard to the crowd. Cole has his family ringside and was talking with them as Dream was coming down the entrance. Finish came when Cole hit a top rope Canadian Destroyer on Riddle and as he was pinning him, Velveteen Dream hit the big elbow on Cole and rolled him up for the pin. Great ending sequence!

Overall, very enjoyable show. Lasted 2 hours and 30 minutes on the dot.

After the show, Candace and Johnny Gargano were outside talking to fans as they got in their car. Johnny thanked everyone for coming. Apparently, he was doing an autograph signing in Jersey tonight.

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