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Nyla Rose Says AEW Showed a New Side of Women’s Wrestling, Talks Awesome Kong’s Surprise Entry

May 26, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

– Nyla Rose spoke with media following AEW Double or Nothing about the show delivering a new side to women’s wrestling, Awesome Kong’s surprise entry into her match and more. Highlights are below:

On if she can encapsulate her experience of the day: “No, I kinda can’t. It’s so many emotions running through your head all day. First and foremost, first show, inaugural show, riding on that high. But to have that last-minute curveball, someone that you look up to thrown out there as your opponent. That was a little wonky move on Brandi’s part. I didn’t have time to prepare, didn’t have to study my opponent outside of what I had watched through fan goggles. So that was a little unfair, but neither here nor there. Outside of that, I think we put ourselves on the map.”

On if Brandi overstepped her bounds by bringing in Kong at the last second: “I don’t want to say anything to get me fired on my first day on the job. So technically no, she didn’t overstep her bounds, I guess that’s what she can do in her position. I’m gonna need to check a rulebook or something. I think on a personal level, yeah I think it was a little bit of a scumbag move.”

On the women’s matches on the PPV raising the bar: “I’d have to co-sign that. You know, we’re no stranger to social media. We see what’s out there. I think we put our foots up fans’ patooties and made them take notice of what the women are capable of doing. They’re not used to seeing women’s wrestling at the level we brought it for whatever reason that may be. And I think we opened their eyes to some alternatives out there. That was the goal, and I think we shot past that.”

On the importance of showing a different side to women’s wrestling: “Oh, definitely important for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost, we’ve been saying, ‘Hey, we’re the alternative, we’re the alternative.’ We needed to show them why we could be a strong alternative. And again, I think we did that. You had a little bit of every kind of flavor out there. And then just on the flipside of that, a lot of people aren’t as familiar with some of our work, so being able to go out there and put ourselves on the map on a personal level.”

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