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nZo Reveals the Difference Between Himself & AEW Roster, How He’d Deal With Tony Khan

January 5, 2022 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Enzo Amore WWE 205 Live 91717, NZO Image Credit: WWE

– Former WWE Superstar nZo (aka Enzo Amore) appeared on Busted Open Radio this week. During the chat, he had some strongly worded comments regarding AEW, Tony Khan, and more. Below are some highlights (via WrestlingInc.com):

nZo on the difference between himself and the AEW roster: “Do you know what the difference between me and all the kids that work for Tony Khan is? Want me to tell you what the difference is? I’ll tell you the difference between me and all the kids that work for Tony Khan is. Tony Khan says something I don’t like, I’ll punch him right in his f**king mouth. That’s the difference. I’m a real one, and I don’t give a damn who you are, I don’t work for anybody.”

nZo on MJF and AEW: “I get tagged in things all the time with this little MF’er from Long Island. People are like, ‘oh, nZo, you and MF’er will be a great promo.’ Well, Tony Khan, you can call my ass then if you really want to see some f**king numbers. Because you guys aren’t doing numbers until you see nZo on the screen. WWE, they saw numbers when I was on the screen, and that s–t ain’t no lie. Ring Of Honor, number one trend in the world. Survivor Series? Do you have any idea how much money it cost to market Survivor Series? To trend number one in the world for a $2500 ticket, do you have any idea what kind of power that takes? I’m one man against the world.”

nZo sharing a story involving the late Brodie Lee during their time in WWE: “We are on a loop where nobody theoretically should know who we are. Show up to the arena, Enzo and Cass vs. The Ascension, they go over. The lights dim and The Wyatt Family comes out. The Wyatt family stars beating up Enzo and Cass, the Big Show’s music hits, the Big Show makes the save and it turns into a three on three. The Wyatt Family vs. Enzo and Cass and the Big Show on my first ever live event. I’m tripping, I’m like, ‘oh man, this is kind of crazy. We are wrestling The Wyatt Family, Braun’s big as s–t.’ But Big Show looks over and he goes, ‘alright Enzo, what do you do for a comeback?’ I’m like, ‘what? I’ve never blown a comeback ever. I take the heat and I tag in Cass, alright? I don’t do anything else.’ But I’m like, ‘I’m blowing the comeback?’ And who do you know raises his hand? Brodie. Brodie’s like, ‘Enzo, what the f–k do you do for a comeback?’ So I’m like, ‘what the f**k?’ So now my boy Brodie, Luke Harper. I’ve got to tell you man, Luke Harper wanted to make me look good. He wanted to bump for me that day. This guy’s huge, he has no business bumping for little Enzo hitting the ground at all. But that day, when we went to that arena, I blew the comeback on Luke Harper and he flew all over the ring and made me look way tougher than I was at that time. I’m a little guy, and here he is making me look a million bucks.”