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UPDATED: Tama Tonga Issues Another Response to nZo, Calls Him a ‘Cancer’

April 24, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
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UPDATE: Tama Tonga continued his feud with nZo on Twitter, releasing a video where he calls nZo a “cancer” again. You can check out his video response to nZo below.

Tama Tonga stated, “Yes. I used the ‘c-word.’ You’re a cancer, nZo. Just keeping it real, one. Guys like you don’t get knocked out by wrestlers. They get knocked out by the bottom rope, not the top, the bottom rope. Just keeping it real, one. Guys like you, nZo, are so desperate, you got a wear a wig to get your old job back. Just keeping it real, one.”

ORIGINAL: nZo recently posted a promo to social media (which features Mickey Gall in the background for some reason) in which he takes shots at the wrestlers of both Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling. He basically calls the wrestlers nobodies and says he doesn’t know who they are, cutting the type of promo he would in WWE, only with more expletives. Here are highlights:

On ROH and NJPW wrestlers: “As far as all you people that work for or work with Ring of Honor, New Japan, as far as you’re concerned, not concerned. Zero fucks given. You’re s-o-f-t fucking soft. I know this might be hard for you, maybe, but maybe you do me a solid, if you happen to see me and cazXL, big guy, if you happen to see us, introduce yourselves. Because we have no idea who the fuck you are.

On the Briscoes: “That makes sense that that fucking Jay Briscoe and dem boys, Mark Briscoe, inbreds, that makes sense that they fucking that they like being in Ring of Honor because they’re surrounded by a bunch of fucking pussies. And they grew up in where? Delaware? You grew up in the sticks, nothing to do, playing with they dicks. Let’s not fucking kid ourselves, here. No internet connection, you guys are fucking weirdos.”

On the negative reaction for his appearance: “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So, when I take action in the greatest plan there ever was, I elicit the exact reaction that I anticipate. When you hate, that makes me great. And when you smart mark dumb motherfuckers throw dirt on my name, you only help me grow the zero fucks given tree larger than fucking life.”

It didn’t take long for NJPW’s Tama Tonga to reply, saying nZo shouldn’t have called out the entire ROH/NJPW locker room because it was him who was taking shots at him. He said he didn’t want nZo around because he was a ‘cancer’ that’s ‘killing our business.’

It took even less time for nZo to reply, basically telling Tonga that he wasn’t over and needed to stay in his lane.

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