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ODB on Working the Casino Battle Royale at All Out, on Wanting Another Run, Praises Nyle rose

October 22, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

WrestlingInc.com recently interviewed ODB for the WINCLY podcast. Below are some additional highlights where ODB speaks about working the Casino Battle Royale at AEW All Out and more.

ODB on taking her food truck to Starrcast: “I always believe that everything happens for a reason and that was the end of the first ODB meet and greet. I did awesome as it was my best sales. I liken it to where the wrestling fans can see me all over social media with the food truck, but then they go nuts when they finally see it in person. It was literally a meet and greet the whole weekend at Starrcast. I was open from noon to midnight and I loved it. Then having a few drinks outside and hanging out, you can’t go wrong with that.”

ODB on appearing at the event and All Out: “We talked about other stuff before and about bringing the food truck to other shows. It worked perfectly with me already being there and having the Battle Royale. A lot of people think I don’t wanna wrestle anymore. I’ve never said that, I’ve just been focused on the food truck. My outfit still fits me and I can still go. So why not. It was a hell of a reaction and I wanna thank those fans for still remembering my ass. That’s what it’s all about. I would love to have one more big match in AEW as it looks like the place to be. I would love to do that.”

ODB on who she was in the ring with at All Out: “A lot of the girls I had never even met before. I had never been in the ring with Jazz before so that was cool. So, it was me, her, Nyla and Kong with that faceoff. I was like, ‘Now this is a moment.’ I think us four could put on one hell of a show.”

Her thoughts on Nyla Rose: “She’s an awesome person outside the ring, very respectful. I’m really glad she’s getting this opportunity and she’s taking it. She’s a big girl but she’s using it good and there’s not a lot of us out there. This is a big opportunity for her and she’s rolling with it.”

ODB on wanting another run in wrestling: “I would just love another run. That would be very cool and I miss the whole wrestling part. I don’t have to be wrestling every week; I don’t need to be doing that. But I miss being backstage with the boys, being on the road and I miss the fans. Being out there in front of 14,000 people at the Sears Center – that was pretty badass. I’m still young and still can go, so why not another ODB run somewhere?”

ODB on being in her 40s: “I’m proud I’m 41 years old and I’m proud of that. I love my 40s. I really didn’t do anything stupid in the ring, that’s the best part [laughs]. I grabbed my boob, drank out of a flask. I feel sorry for some of these kids doing all of this crazy sh*t. They aren’t gonna be walking when they’re 41. I’m actually very happy so I’m good to go.”

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