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OVW TV Taping Results (SPOILERS)

November 23, 2012 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Credit: Jimmie Daniel and f4wonline.com

Here is the report for Ohio Valley Wrestling episode 692 which was taped 11/21. This episode is available for your viewing pleasure at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/692

Show opens in the office of OUR OVW Director of Operations Trailer Park Trash and his reluctant assistant Ms. Josette Bynum. TPT is sporting a black eye from being attacked at the end of last week’s show by a mysterious masked man. TPT complains that Josette just sttod out there and watched him get beat up. Josette says she suspects Crimson, then states she had to got to Florida and drink margaritas to get her mind off of it.

Out to the announce table with Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Michael Titus (who is pulling double-duty as ring announcer tonight). Gilbert talks about the attack then also says we’ll hear from Randy Royal tonight.

Match #1: “VIP” Joe Rosa (w/Jose Del Barrio) vs “Diamond Steel” Ryan Howe
Howe gives us his customary guitar solo. Del Barrio trips up Howe, allowing Rosa to gain an advantage as the announcers instead discuss the attack on TPT. Gilbert is convinced that OUR OVW Champion Crimson is the prime suspect while Titus argues that it was an outsider doing the bidding of someone here. Meanwhile, Howe catches Del Barrio trying to interfere a second time and drops him with a right fist. Howe then hits a blockbuster (Gilbert called it a “chart topper”) for the pin.

Time for the part of the show you’ve all been waiting for: “The Mix Tape” with Eddie Diamond & Timmy Danger!!!! They only care about 3 things: King magazine, the fact that they’re off the streets, and the “Suckah of the Week”! This week’s nominees are: Elvis Pridemoore, Josette (kind of a super villian, but look at her!), Joe Coleman, whoever attacked TPT, but this week’s winner is…ring announcer Terry Boddie!! They see him waddle down to the ring every week and do something that resembles ring announcing. Diamond says there’s a reason he has Danger to do his announcing, maybe he should get pointers from Danger. So Boddie is the “2 Fat & 2 Ugly To Be An Announcer-Shrek Lookin-Uncle Fester Lookin-Suckah of the Week”! The segment ends with the sound of breaking wind.

OUR OVW Champion (and last week’s Suckah of the Week) Crimson comes out and is amused by something. He goes to the ring and tells us he loves Boddie being Suckah of the Week and it’s a shame Boddie isn’t here for him to make fun of. Crimson calls out Diamond & Danger as we go to break.

Diamond & Danger come out with two ladies dressed as native Americans. Crimson says he is a fan of “The Mix Tape” as “weasel” chants can be heard from the crowd. Crimson shows Diamond & Danger the OVW title belt and that doesn’t make him a “suckah” but a “winner”. Crimson feels disrepected as The Wildcards (Raul Lamotta & Shiloh Jones) come out. Crimson wants to see a LIVE MIX TAPE!! They crack on Lamotta first, noting he dressed up as Crimson for Halloween but he’s so ugly he should dress up as sombody else everyday! Jonze looks like Razor Ramon’s slow cousin “Butter Knife”, lol. Jonze also is so far up Crimson’s butt he can see what Crimson had for lunch, which cracks Crimson up. Danger says Lamotta looks like a shrunken Great Khali! Diamond says Crimson looks like a stretched out Oompa-Loompa, to which Crimson responds by hitting in the head with the title belt! 3 on 2 beatdown ensues until TPT’s music hits. Crimson complains about being disrespected but TPT cuts him off and says it’s convienient for him not tot be here last week. Crimson says he was in Saskatchewan with his great-aunt who was really sick. TPT also notes The Wildcards’ attack on Rob Terry may make him miss his title shot on 12/1 Saturday Night Special. TPT makes Crimson vs James “Moose” Thomas for later as well as The Wildcards vs Gut Checkers (Alex Sliva & Sam Shaw). A masked man runs out and whacks TPT with a pipe several times before making a hasty exit as we go to break.

Personnel are out to check on TPT as Josette is in the ring with the mic. She said the attack was unfortunate but the show must go on! She was prepared for something like this, checking out the OVW Rules Manual and says that since the Director of Operations is unable to perform, the assistant (her) can take over. Josette reminices about her recent time in charge then spices up the matches TPT made. She says Jesse Godderz is not here, so she adds his partner Rudy Switchblade to be The Wildcards’ partner in a 3 on 2 match. She makes Jack Black the special referee for Crimson vs Moose!

Match #2: Jamin Olivencia vs OUR OVW TV Champion Joe Coleman
Coleman not exactly chomping at the bit to lock up with Olivencia. Coleman got himself disqualified last week in their match, but Olivencia won a match at a live show over the weekend and earned a rematch. Olivencia runs out and drags Coleman into the ring as Cliff Compton comes to the announce table with a different belt that Gilbert points out is a retired OVW Championship belt that was locked up in Danny Davis’ office. Compton claims that he is the rightful OVW TV Champ and 75,000 people have called OVW stating this. Meanwhile, Olivencia is getting the best of Coleman, who apparently shoves the ref down and gets himself disqualified again. Compton says he would never cheat like that!

In the back, we see “Pink Dynamite” Dylan Bostic & Taeler Hendrix, who is walking a dog. Taeler says she has everything under control and she has been playing these other girls like a fiddle-just like she plays him(!) They encounter OUR OVW Womens Champion Taryn Terrell. Taeler says since she helped Taryn win the belt, she should get a title shot tonight! Taryn declines, then Taeler slaps Bostic for smirking! She’d better not catch him looking at another woman! She then tells Bostic to take a bucket and walk the dog.

Back from break, Dean recaps the TPT attack. Doug Williams and “Smooth” Johnny Spade are out to the ring. Williams has a contract for a “Gentlemen’s Rules” at Saturday Night Special on 12/1. Williams turns his back so Spade can sign the contract on his back. Spade reads it first then signs. Williams then requests the same of Spade as a matter of trust. Spade obliges and Williams gives him 2 rolling German suplexes then leaves the ring.

Bostic is outside walking the dog. He mentions he gave the dog Ex-Lax, which apparently is working.

Match #3: “Gut Checkers” (Alex Silva & Sam Shaw) vs “Wildcards” (Raul Lamotta & Shiloh Jonze) & 1/2 of OUR OVW Tag Team Champions Rudy Switchblade
Dean mentions that TPT is being taken to a medical facility. Silva triple-teamed to start but gets free and tags in Shaw, who gets isolated for a while. Titus suggests Josette is testing the Gut Checkers. Gilbert and Dean fear Josette will take over Saturday Night Special. Meanwhile, Shaw gets free of Switchblade and gets the hot tag on Silva. Gut Checkers slam Jonze onto Lamotta and Wildcards roll out, then Switchblade takes a Sliva Surfer followed by a Breaking Point from Shaw and gets pinned.

Randy Royal is in the back saying hello to some folks. Josette appears and says Royal is no longer on the roster, so he’s got to leave or she will have him escorted out. Next thing you know, she’ll go all Sue Sylvester and ban tater tots from the OVW cafeteria!

Match #4: Scarlet Boudreaux vs OUR OVW Womens Champion Taryn Terrell
Handshake to start. Taryn’s competitve ability is questioned because she still has to ref for TNA. Taryn wins a short match with a bulldog.
Bostic comes out and wants a picture of her. Taryn brushes him off and heads to the back. She turns to face Bostic and Hendrix comes up from behind with the bucket of doogie-doo and dumps it over Taryn’s head!

Back from break, Dean says they stopped the taping for like ten minutes due to the biohazard situation (i.e. the doggie-doo on the floor). No update on TPT yet.

Match #5: James “Moose” Thomas vs OUR OVW Champion Crimson with Jack Black as special referee in a non-title match
Black obviously favors Crimson, barely allowing Moose to even lock up. Moose makes Crimson miss on a charge and fires up but Black fakes being poked in the eye ansd waves for Coleman to come out. Coleman gets Moose-kicked for his trouble and sent to the floor. They neckbreaker each other and Black helps Crimson up, then helps him get a single leg crab on Moose. Crimson gets kicked away and Moose goes for a crossface. Crimson taps but Black looks away. Moose has enough of this and slugs Black but Crimson attacks from behind and hits the Red Dawn for the fast counted pin.

Thoughts: Not sure I’m ready for another round of Josette being in charge quite so soon. So it looks like we have Williams-Spade and probably Terrell-Hendrix but not much else for the 12/1 Saturday Night Special as the major focus of the show was the second attack on TPT. I thought Titus was pretty good at ring announcing. Hope this isn’t the end of “The Mix Tape”!

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