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Pantoja’s AEW Dynamite Grand Slam Review 9.22.21

September 22, 2021 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam Britt Baker
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Pantoja’s AEW Dynamite Grand Slam Review 9.22.21  

AEW Dynamite Grand Slam

September 22nd, 2021 | Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, New York | Attendance: 20,

Honestly, this feels like the biggest show of the year. The news that Ruby/Britt is headlining is HUGE. I watched this and then wrote up my review after instead of while it aired, so I might have a W/L record or two incorrect.

Bryan Danielson (0-0) vs. Kenny Omega (50-14)

This is as big as it gets to start the show. The crowd was MOLTEN hot for Danielson wrestling again. They erupted as soon as the bell hit and popped hard as shit one they locked up. It was remarkable to see. Once the action got going, Danielson quickly frustrated Omega and then started working the arm. It was beautiful stuff and Omega did well to sell it. Omega eventually swung the momentum and they took things outside. While there, Danielson took a dragon suplex onto the ramp, which looked horrible, especially given his injury history. Returning from break, things only picked up as Omega targeted the neck with V-Triggers, a Buckle Bomb, and even a dragon suplex off the top. Omega missed a Phoenix splash that opened the door for Danielson. The closing stretch was wild, which included Danielson countering the One Winged Angel into a poison rana. He also KICKED HIS FUCKING HEAD IN and went for the LeBell Lock but Omega got the ropes. The two threw shots and headbutts as time expired after 30:00. The best time limit draw you can get because nobody could legitimately be upset at that result. You protect the champ and the new guy. The match was spectacular and the best I’ve seen from Kenny in a long time. Danielson keeps leaving for a time and then coming back to remind us that he’s the best in the world. [****¾]

The guys kept going at it, with Danielson going for the LeBell Lock. However, the Elite the ring and broke it up. They attacked Danielson until Christian and Jurassic Express made the save, helping to preview Rampage.

CM Punk came out to address the fans before his first TV match in nearly a decade. He said he’s glad he wasn’t wrestling on this show because following that would be impossible. Punk said people want the mean version of him back but he walks out in front of the crowd and can’t help but smile. He’s enjoying this and Team Taz wants to take that from him. They should’ve finished the job last week and since they didn’t, Punk will put Hobbs to sleep on Friday. A fine segment that accomplished the goal and got Punk out there in front of that crowd. Punk hugged Stephen Amell in the crowd after his promo.

Brian Pillman Jr. (24-10 in 2021) vs. MJF (26-7)

I saw a lot of comments online about people just not caring about this. I get that. MJF is someone who is good in the ring and on the microphone but I’ve had a hard time getting into his stuff lately. Anyway, this was mostly here as something of a cool down. Pillman came out firing since MJF disrespected his family, which made sense. Through the break, Pillman started making a comeback. MJF even did the classic heel thing of using Julia Hart as a shield, though it ultimately led to him getting kicked anyway. Alas, his springboard got caught and MJF made him tap to the Salt of the Earth in 9:27. A solid little match and nothing more. [**½]

Jake Hager and Chris Jericho cut a promo promising to give the Men of the Year a beating on Friday.

Cody Rhodes (10-4 in 2021) vs. Malakai Black (4-0)

Cody got his ridiculously overproduced entrance and wore a long cape and American flag gear. He looked like Homelander. Brandi Rhodes was back at his side here and almost immediately tried to get herself over. When Black did his quebrada into a sitting pose, she entered the ring, sat across from him and flipped him off. Like, nobody wanted that. The crowd, from what my friend there live pointed out, was very pro Black. I know Cody has said that he won’t go heel again but he either needs to or he at least needs to do some kind of character change because most people are over it. Anyway, the match itself was pretty basic. Black got a pop on the Black Mass but Cody fell outside and was dead weight. Black also got a pop for kicking out of the Cross Rhodes. Arn Anderson fell off the apron in an awkward scene, got back up, and was knocked off in a spot. That didn’t lead directly to the finish but it allowed Black to go under the ring for a bit. Cody accidentally hit the referee and then Malakai spit black mist at him. A rollup ended this in 10:59. It was okay and at least the right guy won. [**¾]

A video package aired to hype Miro vs. Sammy Guevara for the TNT Title next week. I don’t mind Sammy but I don’t think he should be the one to beat Miro.

Darby Allin (24-3 in 2021) and Sting (3-0) vs. FTR (21-2)

FTR had nWo inspired gear. I liked how Darby got stuck in a corner with them to start and ran out to escape, avoiding their tag team excellence. Sting got the tag to do his thing for a bit before it went back to Darby for the heat segment, which went through the commercial. Upon returning, Sting got a longer run with the hot tag than expected. He earned his exhaustion at the end of this, putting in a huge effort. He’s a wild man. Tully tried to wedge a chair into the corner for the Stinger Splash but Sting put on the brakes. He slapped on the Scorpion Death Lock soon after and Darby used a Coffin Drop to stop FTR from working together to break it, leading to Harwood tapping in 9:28. That was so much fun. Major effort from Sting and everyone else did their part. [***¼]

AEW Women’s World Championship: Britt Baker [c] (14-1) vs. Ruby Soho (2-0)

Again, it’s huge that this is going on last. Crowd was hot too as they were behind Ruby but still love Britt. I think their feeling out process was really good. They did the expected holds but added some fire to them. Like, this felt like two people who really don’t like each other who were still having a wrestling match. That’s important. Things picked up after the break and the closing stretch was strong, with Baker slamming Ruby’s face on the steel steps in pretty cool fashion. Ruby found ways to avoid Britt’s biggest shots, including the Pittsburgh Sunrise and Curb Stomp. She hit the No Future but then had to deal with Rebel (Not Bred) and Hayter. She took out Rebel but Hayter snapped her neck on the rope. Britt pulled her into the Lockjaw, retaining in 13:23. Good stuff that was a worthy main event but also felt like they left something there for a bigger match down the line. [***¼]

The final score: review Amazing
The 411
Come on, you know that would be the score with that opener. It was one of the best TV matches ever. The rest of the show ranged from okay to good but that’s just what it needed to do. This felt like a special event and it delivered.

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