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Pantoja’s AEW Dynamite Review 10.6.21

October 7, 2021 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
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Pantoja’s AEW Dynamite Review 10.6.21  

AEW Dynamite Anniversary

October 6th, 2021 | The Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Bryan Danielson, Christian Cage and Jurassic Express vs. The Super Elite

The entrances were done for this on YouTube beforehand. On paper, this was a massive opener. Jungle Boy started for the faces and was hot as hell throughout. He came across as the MVP of the match to me. His interactions with Adam Cole matched their great outing last week. The theme of this match was that the Elite was basically a well-oiled machine. Whenever they’d get in trouble, they’d use a quick trick or just work together seamlessly to get back on top. Individually, the faces often had the upper hand but as a unit it was too much. Christian Cage was taken out by an Indytaker on the floor, making this a 4-on-3 affair. Jungle Boy took the heat until Danielson got the tag and went toe to toe with Omega once more. The pop for that was nuts. Luchasaurus eventually got the tag but the numbers were again too much. There were a few spots that missed here, like Jungle Boy’s rana to the outside and the four-way powerbomb on Luchasaurus, which both looked rough. In the end, Jungle Boy ate a four-way BTE Trigger to lose after 17:58. A great way to start the show, though the few flubbed spots held it back from being a true classic. [***¾]

Jon Moxley got to talk in the back and said he’s used to crazy stuff like tonight’s ladder match because he’s wrestled in stuff like that in Philly and he has an insane baby at home.

CM Punk came out as we got our 15th“WE WILL HEAR FROM CM PUNK” segment in AEW since his debut. He basically spoke about how he lived in Philly before (but oddly wasn’t sure if fans there would rather have cheesesteaks or cheesecakes) and that he’s happy to be back in wrestling culture. He said he’ll be wrestling in Philly this Friday on Rampageagainst Daniel Garcia. He also gave his Jordans to a kid dressed as Orange Cassidy. Not much accomplished here but it sets up a new Punk match.

We went to Arn Anderson burning something in Cody Rhodes’s backyard. Cody wondered what he was doing and Arn scolded him about how reality shows and suits mean nothing if you’re a loser. He also made a note about painting a star on his face and slapped him. Honestly, I prefer Stardust to Cody’s current gimmick.

AEW TNT Championship: Sammy Guevara [c] (6-1 in 2021) vs. Bobby Fish (0-0)

Still not sure about Sammy dethroning Mitro. Bobby Fish had his ROH reDRagon theme, which made me nostalgic. Also, Sammy bought Fuego a new truck. This was pretty much the perfect use of Fish here. He’s a veteran who has been all over the place and can have solid matches with almost everyone. Sammy is a young guy who can soak it all in. They did the classic “I WAS THIS CLOSE” gimmick early on as Fish used his veteran knowhow to combat Sammy’s massive speed and athleticism advantage. They worked through the break with Fish holding serve, highlighted by a SWEEP THE LEG kick on the apron that Sammy bumped hard on. Fish got near falls on a Falcon Arrow and Exploder but when he missed a high kick, Sammy hit the GTH to retain in 9:17. That was good, quality pro wrestling. [***]

Post-match, Dan Lambert and his MMA goons surrounded the ring. That included Paige VanZant threatening Sammy only for the dudes to beat him up. She took selfies over Sammy as this happened. Fuego failed to make the save so then Chris Jericho and Jake Hager showed up late as hell, with theme music and pyro, to clear the ring. Afterward, Lambert cut a promo that was hard to hear due to the crowd booing him. Basically, they made a challenge for Miami of Junior Dos Santos and Men of the Year against Jericho, Hager, and Sammy, which was accepted.

The Acclaimed cut a lame promo in the back about Lucha Brothers, since they get a title shot on Rampage.

Tony Schiavone and Aubrey Edwards introduced the debut of the TBS Championship, which is a new Women’s Title. The tournament for it begins soon.

Jim Ross sat down with Darby Allin to talk about how MJF got to him last week. MJF is such an odd case for me because he’s a good heel but I just tune out of some of his long-winded promos. Anyway, Darby said that he paints half his body because he was there when his drunk driving uncle died and he faced death that night, so MJF won’t break him.

Darby Allin (26-3 in 2021) vs. Nick Comoroto

Darby jumped onto the big hairy man before the bell so we didn’t get his record. Honestly, I don’t have much for this as they went to break quickly and Nick took over with basic big man offense. When they returned, Darby won with the Coffin Drop in 4:43. It was fine enough. [*½]

After the match, QT Marshall hit Sting with a cutter but the icon no sold and hit him with a Scorpion Death Drop.

Backstage, Dark Order discussed being back as a unit and Evil Uno said they could decide on who makes the decisions. That led to another argument until Anna Jay shouted at them and they all calmed down. Anna Jay for leader!

Tony Schiavone interviewed Dante Martin in the ring, who said he has proben that he can hang with anyone in the locker room. He’s willing to fight anyone, which led to the lights going out. MALAKAI BLACK! THAT’S SATAN HIMSELF! He spit the mist at Dante and laid him out with Black Mass before accepting the challenge. Malakai is one of the best things going in AEW.

Ricky Starks cut a promo in the ring about wanting to fight Brian Cage, who was apparently not there. He even said he’d face him in a Philly Street Fight. That brought out Cage but Starks escaped with Hook and Hobbs. This feud needs to end soon.

Thunder Rosa, Skye Blue, Ruby Soho, and Jade Cargill are all in the TBS Title Tournament and cut quick promos about wanting to win it.

Hikaru Shida (49-9) vs. Serena Deeb (6-1 in 2021)

Kind of rude that they already had the 50 win trophy out there. Serena Deeb seemed pretty peeved by it. Honestly, I was pretty hype for this because they’re two of the best female wrestlers in the company. They started with some really good exchanges that were even but Deeb wasn’t interesting in showing respect, slapping Shida instead of shaking her hand. Things remained mostly even through the commercial break and there’s just something so smooth about Deeb’s offense. Shida countered some of her signature moves and they started throwing strikes and kicks before Deeb nearly won with the Gedo Clutch. I liked Shida hitting a running knee only for Deeb to roll outside to avoid getting pinned. She chop blocked Shida back in and focused on the knee before winning out with the Serenity Lock in 10:19. That ruled. Some great wrestling, a simple story, and just a lot that I liked. It feels like they have something even better in them down the line. [***½]

After the match, Deeb broke the trophy over Shida. I like this story as it went against the obvious idea of Shida getting that 50thwin tonight and it sets up a feud. I’d actually like it if Shida becomes obsessed with getting No. 50 only against Deeb and she takes another loss or two to her, really driving home the rivalry.

Outside, Darby Allin was jumped by guys in masks who were clearly MJF, Wardlow, and some goons. Darby took his usual sick bumps onto guardrails and such. I don’t think this was needed here as the angle had already been advanced.


· CM Punk vs. Daniel Garcia

· Jade Cargill vs. Skye Blue

· Ricky Starks defends the FTW Title against Brian Cage in a Philly Street Fight

· The Lucha Brothers put the Tag Titles up against The Acclaimed

We heard from Lio Rush who said he likes Dante Martin and feels like he could be the guidance that Dante needs. Honestly, Lio as a mouthpiece for guys like Dante who also wrestles sounds dope.

Britt Baker was interviewed and put over the TBS Title while saying the jealous girls in the back can fight amongst themselves for once instead of obsessing over her.

Casino Ladder Match: Andrade El Idolo (2-0) vs. Hangman Page (11-1 in 2021) vs. Jon Moxley vs. Lance Archer vs. Matt Hardy (25-11) vs. Orange Cassidy (18-1-1 in 2021) vs. PAC (9-2-1 in 2021)

OC came out with the 76ers mascot and Best Friends, who wore 76ers jerseys. Royal Rumble rules here as two guys start and another enters every two or so minutes. I liked PAC and OC opening things, especially given their history. We got fun antics from OC with his lazy offense, which is perfect against the serious PAC. Andrade was #3 and it’s a shame how little he’s done in AEW so far. He continued his feud with PAC, furthering how well this match is laid out in terms of existing programs and guys with history. The highlight of that segment was an Andrade sunset flip off the ladder. OC stood tall as #4, Matt Hardy entered. They got to do their feud stuff as Matt hit everyone with ladders. During the break, Lance Archer came out carrying a worker from the back and throwing him at Andrade. Archer dominated his segment until Jon Moxley arrived at #5 and he met him in the stands to brawl with him. Again, two guys with history. Commentary announced that Darby was not cleared to compete next week. OC tried to climb the ladder as it was stuck to Archer in an odd spot. The Joker arrived last and it was the returning Hangman Page to a NUTS pop. He came in on fire but was stopped by PAC, who set him up on a table. Andrade intervened but was knocked off the top and onto a ladder outside. That allowed Page to get up with Deadeye off the ladder and through a table. Interestingly, Moxley went on to interrupt Page’s runs to the top a few times, making me feel like a heel Moxley against a face Page would be a MONEY feud over the title. It came down an awesome shot of Page hitting the Buckshot Lariat to cut off Archer before Moxley went after him to boos. Page fought him off and pulled down the giant casino chip to win in 17:08 That was the kind of wild ladder match you’d want with big spots. It was also well booked with so many intertwining programs and the huge Hangman comeback. [****]

Don’t bullshit us, AEW. Pull the trigger. Hangman over Kenny at Full Gear.

The final score: review Amazing
The 411
A tremendous episode that lived up to the hype as the Anniversary. You get an awesome opener, a hell of a women’s match, and a banger main event with a great return for Hangman. Throw in some angle advancement and a good TNT Title match and you’ve got a winner.

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