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Pantoja’s AEW Rampage 9.10.21 Review

September 11, 2021 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
Andrade El Idolo AEW Rampage
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Pantoja’s AEW Rampage 9.10.21 Review  

AEW Rampage

September 10th, 2021 | Fifth Third Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio

Andrade El Idolo (1-0) vs. PAC (18-5-2)

This was actually the match I was most hyped for at All Out and that includes Punk/Allin. By the way, upon rewatching, Punk/Allin was better than I gave it credit for. It’ll find its way onto my year-end Top 100. Anyway, these two delivered with some really cool offensive moves that reminded you of why they’re so good. From Andrade’s slingshot to the super rana PAC did to some of the near falls, this was exciting, filled with drama, and just great to see. They had me hooked from the start and put on the best match in Rampage’s short history. They worked through a commercial break before PAC hit a springboard 450 splash that Andrade only survived because he got his hand on the ropes. I appreciate that it wasn’t a kick out. They started throwing out bigger moves until PAC locked in the Brutalizer. Andrade’s second manager got on the apron, bringing out the Lucha Brothers to take him out. That allowed Chavo to hit PAC with an iPad and give Andrade the win in 15:42. That was a cheap ending but everything before it ruled. [****]

Post-match, Andrade leveled Chavo, seemingly annoyed at the ending. That left Chavo alone to take a beating from Death Triangle. Looks like Ric Flair is really coming over.

Darby Allin and Sting arrived to respond to Tully Blanchard’s comments on Dynamite. Darby called Shawn Spears generic and a piece of shit. The generic part ain’t wrong. Anyway, Tully came out after Sting dared him to but it was all a distraction so Shawn Spears could take out Darby with a DVD outside. Fine segment to hype Dynamite.

We heard from Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson in a video. Cole said that he trusted The Elite with his life but hilariously didn’t mention The Good Brothers. I wouldn’t either. Cole said he wasn’t yet in his prime but could wipe the floor with Danielson. Danielson responded by saying he’s not after Cole but is after Kenny Omega. If Kenny won’t step up, someone else in AEW is sure to.

Britt Baker, Jamie Hayter and Rebel (0-0 as trio) vs. Kris Statlander, Riho and Ruby Soho (0-0 as trio)

THE HOHO SQUAD! There were reports that Ruby got banged up on Dynamite but she was in action here, though didn’t do a ton here. Riho had an awkward exchange with Baker to start, which was disappointing given that it was the first Women’s Champion against the current one. Rebel and Hayter came in to do more of the heavy lifting, with Hayter getting better each time out as the powerhouse of the team. They built to a hot tag for Ruby to do her thing for a bit. Things broke down and Riho did a double stomp off of Statlander’s shoulder before Rebel fell to the Soho Kick (?), ending this in 9:27. A solid little match that accomplished what it had to. [**½]

Brian Pillman Jr. (23-10 in 2021) vs. Max Caster (25-9 in 2021)

They got the pre-match backstage promo with Mark Henry. Nothing Max Caster does really interests me and his disses are really bad. Like, 2003 John Cena was way better at this. Anyway, Pillman was out in Bengals-inspired gear. The match itself wasn’t much to write home about. Just decent back and forth action until Pillman won with Air Pillman in 6:41. This was simply here to get Pillman Jr. a win in his hometown before the MJF match. [**]

The final score: review Good
The 411
Honestly, about all you could want from an hour long show. A great opener between two fantastic wrestlers, a fun trios tag, and a closer to send the fans home happy. Well booked and entertaining.

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