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Pantoja’s WWE Extreme Rules 2021 Review

September 26, 2021 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
WWE Extreme Rules Roman Reigns Image Credit: WWE
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Pantoja’s WWE Extreme Rules 2021 Review  

WWE Extreme Rules Review

Welcome to coverage of WWE Regular Match! It’s wild that we don’t really have any gimmick matches on this card. I won’t cover much of the Kickoff Show but a brawl broke out between New Day, AJ Styles, Omos, and Bobby Lashley. So, a six man tag was added to the show.

Carmella vs. Liv Morgan

It’s one of the best built matches on the card, so it’s a shame to have it moved. Audio is a mess as both English and Spanish are on at the same time. Carmella dissed Liv on the mic before the bell, causing Liv to strike. The bell rings, Liv does a Matrix move into a school girl and then hits a corner elbow. She misses a second and tries the move that hurt Carmella’s face but it gets blocked. A dropkick sends Mella into the corner but once outside, Carmella turns the tide. She wears down Liv, talks smack, and rubs her face in the mat. Liv fights back and hits a Thez Press to what sounds like a pretty good pop but one that also felt kind of piped in. Liv rolls through a whip and nails a step up enziguri. She lets out a scream and double stomps Carmella’s face into the mat. Series of flash pin attempts before Carmella drives the back of Liv’s head frmo the middle rope to the mat for two. A superkick gets the same result. Liv comes back with her modified Codebreaker that gets two. Carmella slaps on the hanging triangle submission on the ropes and hits right hands after breaking. Liv catches a boot outside and turns it into the Backstabber type move that then sends Carmella’s face into the announce table in the same way that hurt Carmella’s face on the turnbuckle weeks ago. She adds ObLIVion to win.

Winner: Liv Morgan in 7:52 [That was a good match. If you can get past the audio issues, you see a heel who plays her role well and a firey babyface who hit some cool moves. They also implemented stuff from their feud, which was welcome. ***]

Onto the main card!

AJ Styles, Bobby Lashley and Omos vs. The New Day (Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods)

AJ opens with Woods and wins out before we get a tag to Kofi. AJ does well there too and demands Big E, which gets a pop. He launches AJ to the corner and wants Lashley, which also gets a good reaction. Lashley runs him over but then Big turns the tide and we get the Unicorn Stampede of stomps in the corner by New Day. Lashley manages to throw Kofi across the ring and stare down Big E. He fires off shoulder thrusts and taunts Big E as he wears down Kofi. Omos gets the tag and things get worse for Kofi. Omos hits a pretty sweet stalling front suplex. When AJ becomes legal, Kofi starts getting something going and gets an opening. Lashley is tagged and Kofi pulls the tope rope down on him, only for Lashley to take Big E off the apron and throw him into steel steps, cutting off the tag. Kofi again gets an opening but nobody is there to tag so he has to keep fighting Lashley. Interestingly, the hot tag goes to Woods, who fires off kicks and shots on Lashley, sending him into the corner. Woods even picks up a near fall but then gets planted with a huge powerslam for two. Woods comes back with a missile dropkick and Big E is back on the apron for the hot tag. He runs through AJ with belly to belly suplexes. He also adds in some shots to Omos that don’t knock him off the apron until he uses a boot. AJ avoids the Big Ending and hits a series of shots capped by the Pele. Big E catches him in the corner and carries him out into a uranage for two. Big E has his apron spear countered into a Fameasser of sorts and AJ gets two on a school boy. Pele hits and Kofi blind tags in. AJ eats a boot and then a powerbomb/dropkick combo but Lashley breaks up the pin. Lashley gets two on Kofi and preps for a spear. Kofi jumps over it and then Big E launches him outside only for Omos to level him. Inside, Lashley takes down Big E but then Lashley and AJ had communication issues on tagging each other in. Lashley speared AJ by mistake and then Big E hit the Big Ending to win.

Winners: The New Day in 18:14 [At times, this felt like a time killer on Raw. However, the guys involved all delivered and put on a really entertaining opener where everyone looked good. ***3/4]

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship: The Usos [c] (Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso) vs. The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford)

Jimmy and Dawkins kick things off before Jey enters to eat a shoulder tackle. Tag to Ford for a dropkick and then Jimmy eats one before the challengers send them over the top with clotheslines. Ford has the DDP rib tape so the Usos target it and hit a double suplex onto the ropes before adding a back suplex on the floor. That makes Ford the face in peril and he is mere inches away from Dawkins but gets pulled back. Jey misses a Stinger Splash and the opening is there for Ford. Dawkins gets the mild tag and hits everything moving, adding a flying elbow, flapjack, and spinning corner splashes. He catches a Jimmy tope suicida with a T-Bone suplex and then cuts off Jey’s with a right hand. Inside, he does a superplex that rolls throw into a neckbreaker for two. Doomsday Blockbuster gets two since Ford couldn’t cover in time. The Usos get going but Ford blind tags in only for his frog`splash to see Jey get the knees up for a near fall. Ford rolls him up for two and adds a series of kicks. Another Doomsday move fails since Ford climbs up top gingerly and The Usos get free. Jimmy hits the splash but it only gets two. As The Usos are outside with Dawkins, Ford hits a massive dive over the turnbuckle onto them. Frog Splash connects and Ford covers but the pin is broken up. Dawkins takes a shot for his partner and Ford gets two on a rollup. Superkick sandwich on Ford is followed by double splashes to end it.

Winners: The Usos in 13:44 [Montez Ford did a hell of a job selling the ribs. The whole match worked well and proved again that The Usos are a top three team on the planet and the Profits are really good too. ***3/4]

Backstage, Lashley shouted about Big E being a chickenshit. He’s using that edgy AEW language. He challenges Big E to a title match tomorrow.

WWE Raw Women’s Championship: Charlotte Flair [c] vs. Alexa Bliss

We get ads during Alexa Bliss’s entrance. Hard yikes. Big hometown pop for Bliss. Charlotte overpowers Bliss who then does odd posing and hits a somersault off the apron. Bliss latches herself onto the ropes but is caught with some rough looking backbreakers. Charlotte goes to work on the shoulders and backs of her challenger. She uses a hanging submission for more wear down. Outside, Charlotte swings Bliss into the barricade and taunts. Whenever Bliss gets going, Charlotte knocks her down with relative ease. She gets two on the Andrade double moonsault spot. Bliss slips out of Natural Selection and then survives a powerbomb near fall. Bliss comes back and gets two on a Code Red. Alexa misses Twisted Bliss and Charlotte tries the Figure Eight only for Alexa to pull her into an inside cradle for two. The DDT sees Charlotte get her foot on the bottom rope. Charlotte grabs Lily to distract Bliss, which lets her fire off a string of moves capped by Natural Selection.

Winner: Charlotte Flair in 11:25 [The action involving the two women was good but some of the character stuff didn’t work. Plus, Charlotte’s finisher is hard to take seriously. ***]

Charlotte hits Alexa after the match and then rips LIly apart before posing with the doll and title. Alexa jumps her from behind, wailing on her with rights and lefts. It’s all just so Charlotte can throw her over the announce table and stand tall again. After Charlotte leaves, Alexa throws a fit over the loss of Lily and cries in the ring. She picks up the pieces and heads to the back, still shouting. It takes forever. Ah, so I guess Alexa was supposed to foam at the mouth but you could just see the tablet meant to do so.

Kayla Braxton tries to get a word with Paul Heyman, who is on the phone with someone. He beats around the bush on whether it’s Brock Lesnar before leaving to celebrate with The Usos.

WWE United States Championship: Damian Priest [c] vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus

Sheamus takes out Jeff immediately and then battles Priest. They fight to the outside where Priest beats him down. Jeff gets back involved with a dive onto Priest and then one onto Sheamus. Priest then takes them both out with his own dive. Sheamus and Priest now brawl outside and Sheamus drives him face first into the post with Snake Eyes. Inside, Jeff takes the Irish Curse Backbreaker but comes back with some of his signature aerial stuff. A splash eats knees for two though. They continue to exchange stuff until Sheamus puts on a Cloverleaf. Jeff makes the ropes but there aren’t rope breaks in these matches so Priest has to break it up. He removes Sheamus’s mask but takes White Noise, with Jeff breaking the pin. Twist of Fate connects on Sheamus and Priest shoves away a Jeff enziguri. They flub a Reckoning reversal spot and Jeff goes up for the Swanton Bomb but Sheamus cuts him off. He mocks Hardy’s taunts and hits a diving knee on Priest for two. My feed messes up so I miss a spot but then Hardy breaks up a pin with a Swanton onto both men. Priest and Jeff exchange strikes and kicks before he tries a springboard move. Sheamus cuts him off with the Brogue Kick and Jeff covers but only gets two. Jeff eats a Brogue Kick and Priest retains via rollup.

Winner: Damian Priest in 13:19 [The moving parts worked well here but there were a few botches that held this back. ***]

Backstage, Big E says he doesn’t hide behind anyone and he mocks Lashley for complaining. He accepts the challenge tomorrow at 8PM sharp.

WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch [c] vs. Bianca Belair

Becky wants a handshake so Bianca elbows her and goes for the KOD. Becky escapes and takes a powder. They go at it inside and Bianca blocks an early Dis-Arm-Her. She then is too strong for a whip and sends Becky in a few times. Bianca gets two on a splash. She also tells Becky to kiss her ass in the corner, flips over her and hits a dropkick. Becky takes another breather and shuts up Michael Cole for putting words in her mouth. Once back in, Becky gets going with a series of offensive moves but she misses a leg drop. Still, she remains in control until both women get hurt on a suplex spot. Bianca gets going with a series of suplexes, capped by a stalling one. Corner punches lead to a tug of war on the braid until Bianca gets two on a spinebuster. Bianca rolls through on a cross body and hits a fallaway slam. She then press slams Becky only for her to slip out into a pin that she turns into the Dis-Arm-Her. Bianca gets her foot on the ropes to break the hold. Outside, Bianca has a Glam Slam countered and it sends her head first into the steel steps. Becky adds a diving leg drop inside for two. They go into a series of counters that leads to Bianca holding on to stop an armbar. Becky kicks out of a pin and tries the armbar again but Bianca keeps blocking. She dead lifts Becky and plants her with a spinebuster for two. A series of pin attempts also leads to a stalemate before Becky goes for the Dis-Arm-Her again. She drags her to the middle of the ring but Bianca deadlifts Becky into KOD position only for Sasha Banks to hit the ring for a DQ.

Winner via DQ: Bianca Belair in 17:26 [Heel Becky Lynch didn’t full work for me here, though she is still just getting back into the swing of things. Still, they told a good story and Bianca is pretty incredible at almost everything. ***1/2]

Post-match, Sasha, looking incredible, beats up Bianca. She stands across from Becky, who gives her a small thumbs up. Sasha takes her down and wails on her as well. Bianca eats a slap and Backstabber before Becky also takes one.

WWE Universal Championship Extreme Rules Match: Roman Reigns [c] vs. Finn Bálor

ANOTHER AD DURING ROMAN’S ENTRANCE! They lock up despite the rules and Roman overpowers him. Finn goes for shots on the leg but Roman wins out and gets kendo sticks from under the ring. He loses Finn, who pops up on the opposite side and has a bundle of kendo sticks that he beats Roman with. Finn also traps Roman in the apron and beats on him there. Roman cuts off use of the table, garnering the most boos of his career. They go at it a bit and Roman Drive By kicks Finn into the ring post. The brawl takes them to the Kickoff Panel area. Roman also put on a facemask while they go through the crowd. We love a safe king. Finn fights him off and cross bodies him through a table. Back to the ring, Finn hits Nightmare on Helms Street and sets the table up to a pop only to be put through it with a uranage for two. Roman calls for the Superman Punch but Finn avoids and fires off shots until hitting a Pele kick. Superman Punch connects for two. Finn kicks away the spear and nails Slingblade only to run into a Spear for a near fall. On his kickout, Finn does a low blow, which is genius. Finn with a tope con hilo outside and then the Coup de Grace inside, only for The Usos to pull Finn out of the ring, breaking up the pin. Finn fights off the Usos and hits a slingblade before powerbombing Jey through the table. Reigns comes around the corner and spears Finn through the barricade, capping a wild series of spots. Everyone is down but then Finn’s heartbeat gimmick played and he tweaked before rising from the dead. He lays into Roman with chair shots and then John Woo dropkicks him through a table. Finn goes up for Coup de Grace only for the top rope to snap and Reigns wins with the Spear.

Winner: Roman Reigns in 19:40 [So, that ruled but that finish was a mess and kind of laughable. I would’ve lost it if Finn popped up and won but doing the rope break thing was lame. ****]

The final score: review Good
The 411
It feels like this is the story with most WWE pay-per-views. You get a lot of good wrestling and some head scratching calls. That main event was great up until the finish and some booking stuff didn't quite work for me but that was an entertaining show with some good matches from top to bottom.

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