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Paul Heyman Says Big E Losing to Roman Reigns Should be Seen as a ‘Magnificent Victory’

November 24, 2021 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
WWE Survivor Series Roman Reigns Big E. Image Credit: WWE

– During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, special counsel to Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman, discussed WWE Champion Big E, who lost to Roman Reigns in a non-title Champion vs. Champion match last Sunday at WWE Survivor Series 2021. Below are some highlights:

Paul Heyman on Big E losing to Roman Reigns: “I didn’t see that as a loss for Big E. I saw it as a magnificent victory. Away from The New Day, all on his own, without anyone else in his corner, Big E stood tall and brought the fight to Roman Reigns.”

Heyman on the statement Reigns made at the event: “Survivor Series was a demonstrative, declarative statement by Roman Reigns. He is on a level that no one else in sports, entertainment, or sports entertainment can achieve today. Roman Reigns returned after a hiatus [in 2020] to be not only the best today, but the greatest of all-time. That is the motivating factor behind every single moment when he is in front of the public.”

His thoughts on Big E as champion: “Big E is a credit to the lineage and the history of the WWE championship, from Buddy Rogers to Bruno Sammartino to Pedro Morales to The Rock to ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, Triple H, John Cena, and Brock Lesnar. Big E has achieved what so few realized he could. Much like Roman Reigns breaking away from The Shield and standing on his own to become the No. 1 superstar on the brand of SmackDown, Big E has broken away from The New Day and achieved superstar status as the focal point of Monday Night Raw. I’m beyond impressed with the accomplishments of Big E.”