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Paul Wight Recalls Snapping Over WWE Promo Written For Him By Freddie Prinze Jr.

January 17, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Big Show Paul Wight

Paul Wight recently looked back on his time in WWE with Freddie Prinze Jr., and the two recalled a time when the former Big Show had a strong reaction to a huge promo he had to give. Wight was a guest on Prinze’s Wrestling with Freddie podcast and during the discussion, they recalled their first interaction which was over the promo.

As Prinze recalled it, the promo was during his first month with the company and he wrote it up at the direction of Michael P.S. Hayes and Chris DeJoseph to describe a new match that was about to take place. Wight was chosen to deliver the promo and when he was given the script, he opened the door to the Creative room and said, “Who the f**k wrote me War and peace? What the f**k is this?”

Wight agreed with Prinze’s recollection, saying (per Wrestling Inc), “That’s exactly what happened. Because now, understand at the time, Freddie, I talked in WWE once in a while. For whatever reason, I guess Vince didn’t like the way I did promos or didn’t like the fact that a giant talked. Whatever the reason was, I didn’t talk that much. I didn’t have a promo segment every Raw, that wasn’t my gig.”

He continued, “So, when I got this promo, I was like ‘are you effin’ kidding me!?’ Like, I haven’t done a promo in like four months, and now I’ve got like four f**king pages to try to memorize, and I’ve got segments of wrestling that I’ve gotta do, like, ‘Who the f**k wrote this and why?’

Prinze noted that they only had 25 minutes to work together on the promo after that and managed to change it to where Wight could demonstrate things instead of describe it all. Wight said that he was happy with how it all turned out.