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PB Smooth Discusses Being Trained By Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae, Difference In Their Training Styles

May 7, 2021 | Posted by Blake Lovell
WWE NXT 93020 Johnny Gargano Candice LeRae

In a recent interview with Andrew Thompson of POST Wrestling, PB Smooth discussed being trained by Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae, Candice being a strict trainer, and much more. Here are some of the highlights:

PB Smooth on being trained by Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae at the AIW academy and Candice being the strict trainer: “Candice [LeRae] doesn’t play. It’s so funny because if Johnny [Gargano] watches a match, he’ll be like, ‘Good, good. I would’ve done this, this and this’ and I’m like, ‘Damn, alright, I could’ve worked on that’ because coming from like a college sports background, I’m used to coaches being in my face or whatever so I can take constructive criticism. It doesn’t bother me. But Johnny’s just such a nice dude that he’ll tell you, but he’ll never be up on you about it. And Candice will cheer you on too but if something’s sh*t, she’ll tell you that too. But I’m okay with that. It’s the perfect balance, you know?”

On wanting a wrestling company to actually want him opposed to him throwing himself at them: “It’s tough because when I first came in the game, whole eyes was just set strictly on WWE. But as the growth of professional wrestling progresses and whatnot, I’m learning about these new TV companies. I didn’t know about Ring of Honor, I didn’t know about IMPACT and whatnot and that’s because I was a casual wrestling fan. I wasn’t like a core independent guy before I started. So it’s more of a situation where I wanna wrestle full-time for a TV company, but my goal is to make them want me so then I have a choice as opposed to, ‘I specifically wanna go to this place,’ you know what I’m saying? Because I feel I’m not putting myself in a box that I’ll be like crushed if this doesn’t happen. My main goal right now is just to focus on getting better, being in the moment and building my brand organically so when that time comes, I’ll be able to make a good decision in terms of what choice I wanna make with PB Smooth going forward.”