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PCO on Working With Marty Scurll, How Long He’ll Continue Wrestling, More

June 14, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

– PCO did an AMA on the ROH subreddit and discussed his big comeback, his work in ROH and more. Highlights are below:

On who he wants to face: “There is so many but I enjoyed the crazy match between Ibushi and Naito even if Ibushi said, ‘I went blind after the match.’ PCO IS NOT HUMAN Ibushi is!”

On what he does while on the road: “Not much to do on the road, being a straight edge. I like to read inspiring books or on human growth, even tho I’m not human. But in life, I like to play hockey, baseball, football, golf tennis, and ping pong. Train and doing sports with my only child my 10 years old daughter London.”

On the highlights of his career: “First this year ROH Tag Champ, Six Man Tag Champ, NWA tag champ and Crocket cup winner with King, and having the biggest and most popular entrance at the MSG with Destro at G1 SuperCard…My feud with Bret and main eventing many WWE events against The Hitman and main eventing the Sold Out Montreal Forum on top of every superstar against Jaques.”

on how long he expects to continue wrestling: “I will wrestle until reaching my goal and doing the things I’ve promised myself I would accomplish, it’s personal but huge! Maybe 3 to 5 more good years.”

On working with Marty Scurll: “Great wrestler, great person, just being so much fun being around him. I respect his wrestling knowledge. What a performer!”

On being criticized for taking big bumps at his age: “It’s got nothing to do with age … those bumps don’t hurt me … I do things that other wrestlers cannot do and that’s what makes my style unique and original. That’s who I am as a person… I don’t know why I am like that … I can drink 12 cans of Redbull and sleep tight at night.”

On what’s been different breaking out in wrestling this time around: “I think because I was always ahead of my time before nobody would understand what I was trying to explain but my style was like today’s wrestling.. so now everything makes sense. On top I’m doing it at an age that people usually have no more energy, I’m super hyper, creative and not afraid Of trying things out! I see a huge opportunity to make history, becoming a movie blockbuster story and book best seller story and rewriting history in pro wrestling and people will literally freak out! I’ve got to make it happen.”

On his favorite thing about his comeback: “Finally getting to be myself NOT HUMAN in a way that all my life doctors, friends, family always said that nothing was normal about me and to be able to be just that in the ring is so rewarding and cool.”

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