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Pete Dunne Confirms That He’s Moving To The US Full-Time

October 10, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
NXT UK Pete DUnne

In an interview with PWInsider, Pete Dunne confirmed previous reports that he’s moving to the US full-time, but said it doesn’t change his status in the WWE. Here are highlights:

On if he’s moving to the US: “Confirm, but I don’t think that changes my status in this company. I think for the last three years I’ve been an independent wrestler, main roster wrestler, NXT wrestler and NXT UK wrestler. I’m all over the place, and I like the way that it’s opening up. Right? Cesaro can come do NXT UK, and I don’t want to close any door unnecessarily, but as of now the focus is USA every Wednesday.”

On being one of the wrestlers to establish NXT UK: “Yeah, so, there’s been a lot of proud moments over the last few years and obviously one of the bigger ones is NXT UK forming and becoming what it has. It was great being backstage at the last takeover, and not having to be a part of it. I came out at the end with Tyler, but it wasn’t built anywhere near around me, which at the start it had to be. And being able to step back and watch it and see it’s still flourishing, and Tyler went out there with WALTER and had a fantastic match and realizing, we built this and I feel like today’s just another one of the moments where we’re going to look back and pinpoint it as, “That was important'”

On if he’ll go back to NXT UK and if he’s booked for the upcoming TV tapings: “Yeah. No, I’m not booked for those. I’d love to go back and forth whenever the opportunity presents itself. And I’d even love to be involved in whatever else I can to help it along. You know what I mean? Whether that be going out there and helping people at the Performance Center, whatever it is. I’d definitely want to continue to be back and forth. I can’t give you a definitive answer when I’ll be back, especially back on the network for it. That could be years or whatever. But definitely at some point I will be back there and I’m definitely still heavily involved and even if I’m just watching outside of it and then talking to the laser on the shows, trying to help wherever I can still important to me.”

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