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Pete Dunne Talks About Combining Different Ring Styles In His Matches

May 31, 2021 | Posted by Joseph Lee

In an interview with PWInsider, Pete Dunne spoke about his in-ring style and how he’s able to combine various different styles into his matches. Here are highlights:

On tomorrow’s Triple Threat match on NXT: “Yeah, I think the great thing about being a part of NXT is there’s so many of these different match-ups that you look forward to. Obviously, Kushida, you named him, he’s one of them, I’ve wanted to wrestle him for a long time. And Johnny Gargano is somebody who… I think we’ve had one match on the independents and one match in WWE, but that’s it. So even though we’ve both been in the company for so long, we haven’t crossed paths very much. So that’s obviously something I’m really looking forward to. And then as for Kyle, and anytime you’re in there with any of the Undisputed Era lot, and I’ve done that a lot since I’ve been with WWE, it’s a real competition, it’s a fight and that’s something I really look forward to and I’m excited for every time. So putting both of them in there with me, I think it’s a recipe for something special.”

On his in-ring style: “Yeah. I just wanted to mesh all aspects of wrestling… Well, I grew up in wrestling myself, and with aspects that I take from growing up in Britain, learning to wrestle, and then a big formative part of my career was going over to Japan with Michinoku Pro, so the element of that Japanese style, and then, I just try and pull from all different parts of wrestling that I grew up enjoying, and obviously I’m very proud of being from Britain and the heritage that it has for pro wrestling, so I’d like to keep that alive in my own way. And in terms of what it puts on your body, I think maybe there’s other styles that might be worse. You see a lot of high flyers that are doing a lot more high-risk stuff, but obviously it is very physical, it is quite demanding, but I enjoy every minute of it. So it’s not something that I think about too much, I just make sure my training, my diet, my recovery, all of that is on point, and fingers crossed, I should be good.”

On his thoughts on the NXT UK brand: “Yeah, I’ve definitely tried to stay involved. When I was back in the UK, I was able to work backstage and it’s almost more rewarding for me, being a part of that process, than it is actually being in the ring. I have a certain set of expectations for myself, right, and I’m never truly happy with a match that I’ve done. I’ll come to the back and I’ll start criticizing myself, and trying to work out where we can improve, but obviously being a part of that process, seeing people that are maybe not as far down the line as I am, and working with them and helping them to improve and get better, is always something I find really rewarding, and hopefully can be a future career for me, down the line. Obviously, it’s tough right now with NXT UK. Obviously the lockdown measures and whatnot in the UK and the fact that there’s no audience, it can be difficult for talent brushing. They’re all doing a great job. And the fact that I’m still able to be a small part of these stables, even though I’m the other side of the world, is a great thing. And I’m glad that at the very least I get to be a part of it in some manner.”

On being excited to get live audiences back: “Yeah, of course what we do, obviously, is all about the live audience, right? But there’s part of me that started to enjoy the challenge of having these smaller audiences. I was never somebody that turned my nose up for that in the first place, right? I always loved independent wrestling, whether it was in front of 50 fans in the UK or the much bigger stuff when the UK started to pick up a bit more. So it’s sort of been that I’m used to it. For my style personally, maybe as far as some forms of pro wrestling go, maybe my style can work a bit better in that sort of intimate atmosphere. So I’ve just taken it up until now as a challenge, and still trying to get across who I am and what I do with that smaller audience, it is difficult in a different way, but it’s also been rewarding to take on that challenge and see what we can do with it.”

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