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Piper Niven Reportedly Knew Doudrop Name Was Being Changed In Advance of Royal Rumble

February 3, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Piper Niven Royal Rumble Image Credit: WWE

Piper Niven is Doudrop no more, and a new report says that she knew about the change in advance of her Royal Rumble return. Niven returned at Saturday’s PPV under her original ring name, dropping the Doudrop moniker that she’d been using since her main roster debut. Alex McCarthy reports that Niven was given the go-ahead for the name change a month before the Rumble, and that it was ultimately decided to redebut her as Niven at the PPV.

Niven originally began using Doudrop when she was introduced to Raw as a protege of Eva Marie in June of 2021, who she soon began feuding with. Marie left WWE that November but Niven had kept the name.