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Piper Niven Says She ‘Went Crazy’ Being Away From the Ring So Long

February 9, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Piper Niven Royal Rumble Image Credit: WWE

Piper Niven is back on WWE TV, but she was away from the ring for the end of 2022 and she says that was a difficult thing for her to do. The WWE star spoke with Rick Ucchino for a new interview and talked about having to take time away from the ring due to concerns about her heart after having a bad case of COVID. You can check out the highlights below, per Fightful:

On her extended period away from the ring: “It was a long time that I had off. I wanna say the last time I was in a ring was mid-September and I was under strict instruction, like not to do anything. I wasn’t allowed to train, wasn’t allow to go gym, like nothing that raised my heart rate because if there was a problem that could damage it. And so yeah, I had a lot of time off just to sit and think about being off.”

On how she dealt with the situation: “I’ve either had a job or been involved in wrestling since I was really young and I’ve never been injured before. Like, you know, I’ve had maybe low sprains or injuries that only took like a couple weeks to heal. But I have not been off any particular large period of time and I didn’t realize that when performers and athletes get injured, you can go crazy. I went crazy, crazy. For real, crazy. And I ended up having to talk to some people and found out some things about my life and I’m using that as like a character development moment. So I’m really hoping that I get to share this other side of the story with you guys through wrestling.”

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