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Preston City Wrestling/Ring of Honor Evening Supershow Of Honor Report 11.29.14

November 29, 2014 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Preston City Wrestling Supershow of Honor -Evening show

So after a few hours off and a good meet and greet session with the ROH superstars it’s time to rejoin the action. Lots of t-shirts and DVDs and photos have been sold, lots of autographs signed and it’s back to the wrestling. Side note, I found out from getting a pic with ReDragon that the ROH tag belts are pretty heavy!

The first match was a six man match which saw Martin Kirby and Noam Dar from PCW and ACH, Cedric Alexander, Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong all in action. Strong threw his boot at ACH before the match but once the bell rung this was hectic, all out action for 15 minutes. Reminded me of one of those X division matches, lots of cruisers doing big moves and bodies flying everywhere. ACH got a topé over the ropes in which wiped out everyone, then there was a cool spot where all 6 guys were in sleeper holds on each other and ACH stunnered from the front of the line and caused a domino effect. Cedric just about won with a pinfall, but it was very, very close to being broken up. Photo finish.

Match two put two ROH guys against each other as “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin fought BJ Whitmer. This was really good, more of a typical old school ROH style match with lots of chain wrestling and counters early on, building up slowly and exploding into a burst of head kicks and suplexes towards the end. BJ nearly tapped to the sharpshooter but got the ropes, Elgin went on to win anyway by pinfall on 16 minutes. He was booked really strong in the closing sequences.

Tomasso Ciampa came out next to wrestle El Ligero. Ciampa worked this one as a heel, which was odd when he was more neutral this afternoon. The fans love Ligero. Some cool brawling on the outside here, Ligero got tossed into the ringside wall, landed on his feet and hit a topé dive off onto Ciampa which was very cool. Ligero hit two RKO-out-of-nowheres at the end but Ciampa drilled him with a sick sit out powerbomb and pinned him in 15 minutes.

GM Lionheart arrived to address the crowd and announce the next name for PCW’s Road to Glory 2015. After confirming Del Rio last time out, tonight they announced … Matt Hardy! Big pop. Lionheart introduced 5 time WCW champion Booker T to an enormous ovation. Booker did the spinarooni whilst Brodus Clay watched in the ring. Really cool segment, the first hour of this show has been fantastic.

The final match of part one would feature Dave Rayne and Mad Man Manson against Paul London and Delirious. London did the long entrance again and delirious crawled around next to him the whole way. More comedy stuff here, Manson and Delirious started eating one of the streamers that was thrown into the ring before the match and did that romantic thing where they eat from opposite ends then kiss in the middle. Then they did the whole show in slow motion for a couple of minutes. Slow mo wrestling is awesome! For the finish London did the crotch chop and pedigree then spat the water like Triple H, all the guys traded stunners and then Rayne drilled Delirious with a rock bottom for the pin in 13 minutes. Nice little homage to the attitude era.

Intermission time!

The second half started with Joey Hayes against Lance Storm. Crowd popped big for Storm but then didn’t react to much else, same post-interval flatness as the afternoon show. The match was fine, Hayes made Storm tap out with a cross face in 12mins. That surprised a lot of people.

Match 6 featured Team Single retaining the PCW tag titles against the Briscoes in a 12-13 minute match that was fine for what it was. They brawled outside the ring a lot which is awesome when you can’t see anything! Everything was kinda running together again in this middle hour. One of the Team Single guys pinned Mark with a pile driver type move.

We move right into the next match which was the best thing on either show so far. Bubblegum put his PCW Cruiserweight title on the line against Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole. The crowd loved this and rightfully so, it was action packed from start to finish. O’Reilly looked awesome and did the dean ambrose catching himself in the ropes and coming back with the clothesline spot on the other two for a massive pop. Great finish here, Cole and Kyle wrestled a stiff back and forth exchange, Kyle missed the Ambrose spot the second time, Cole damn near kicked his head off and Bubblegum snuck in, threw Cole out and picked Kyle off for the pin. Only 11-12 minutes here but it was so good.

Next up, Lionheart comes back out to the ring to cut an emotional speech saying he’s stepping down as GM because his neck injury is getting worse. This was a really emotional segment. Hayes comes out and demands a shot at the title before he steps down. He gets it, and then Lionheart swerves him by laying him out to a huge reaction from the crowd. Lionheart is back as an active wrestler after months on the shelf with a bad neck injury, I’m very happy to see him doing well.

The main event gets changed at the last minute as Dave Mastiff is added to the title match between Uhaa Nation and Chris Masters meaning it’s now a three way dance. This was really good, better than you’d think any match with Masters in should be. Masters feigned a leg injury and left mid-match, tried to run back in when the others were down and steal the win but failed. Masters was eliminated first to a massive, massive pop. We’re guaranteed a new champion. Uhaa and Dave hit a home run with the last few minutes and Uhaa Nation is your new PCW World Heavyweight Champion at the 24 minute mark. Cue more streamers, and a wild celebration that overran ten minutes or so over time.

Much better show than this afternoon, which was a good show but this was a pay per view quality event for me. Clocking in at 3 hours 45 mins it was a lot longer than the earlier 3 hour show. That’s still a lot of wrestling in one day though, maybe too much actually. The crowd was electric tonight for much of the show, between the whole meet and greet session today and tonight’s show this felt like Great Britain’s answer to WrestleMania. Top effort from all involved! I’m finishing this report in the railway station and I can hear people walking through the city centre outside singing Uhaa’s name in various chants. Thats quite something!